The Beginning

The first “chapter” of Cloudstreet is less than three pages. The section is written in a way that the story is being told to you, but yet you are actually included in the story. The first line, “Will you look at us by the river!”, sounds as if we, the reader, are in the story, but we are looking on. The introductory “chapter” goes on in the same style, but soon it talks about “Him”. This male identity is attracted to the water, so much so, that by my interpretation, he is looking to commit suicide by drowning himself, and then he will be one with the water. It is a grisly start, but is written in a gentle manner, almost as if it is normal. Though it doesn’t explicitly suggest he is going to ‘sleep with the fishes’, my feeling is that he will.

He came from a group of people, most likely the two families mentioned in the blurb, having a party. It mentions 20 years, which in my opinion, almost suggests that this party is happening 20 years after they first became one family. There is mention of a baby, which may possibly be one of the first babies born that will be a grandchild of the original family. To be clichéd, I think that most likely there will be at least one marriage between the two families to officially make them one family, that probably is a bit too predictable, but there isn’t much to go on.

Onwards to what looks to be Part 1 which is actually of a reasonable length.


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