Part Two – Fish Lamb Comes Back

Before I talk about Part Two, I must mention the names of the second family. The parents are Lester and Oriel Lamb and their children are Hattie, Lon, Mason (Quick), Samson (Fish), Elaine and Red. I dunno if it was common back in the day, which is when I presume this book was set, to have strange names, I mean really Lon, Oriel, Hattie. Especially Lon Lamb or even Red Lamb, I mean, it seems that it is not a modern day invention of naming your kids ridiculous names.

“Oi, Quick, look at Dad. He looks like a statue in a fountain with that light. Wants to be careful someone dunt come over an toss in a penny to make a wish.
What would they wish for, ya reckon? Quick asks.
Yeah, what? Lester Lamb asks.
Prolly wish they could get their money back, I reckon.” 

That last line makes me laugh. And the language they use definitely indicates this story is set a number of years ago, possibly in the 40’s or maybe in the 20’s, there has been mention to a recent or current war, which means earlier times.

It seems like the Lamb families tragedy, like the previous part with the Pickle family, happens when they are fishing. Actually both tragedies (The fingers being cut off, and the death of Joel) happened when they were fishing or at least out at sea, and the Lamb tragedy is no different. This time however it is a child, Samson (or Fish) who is cursed by the tragedy. He drowns. But lucky, or so it seems for now, for him, his mother was able to beat him back into life, with a crude form of CPR, though they will only see it as a miracle from God, not caused by their own actions. The unlucky part, for Fish especially, though the family will struggle, is the fact that not all of Fish Lamb Comes Back (clearly where both the title of the chapter in part two and this posts title come from). It appears that Fish is now mentally disabled, practically a vegetable, or so it seems for the time being. Let’s see what the family makes of their miracle, when they fully realize it’s not as good as it seems.

The Lamb family like the Pickle family are poor and from my interpretation the Pickle family are also homeless. I guess the two families must be alike for them to be forced to live together. Though I think a few heads will be butt and a few fights will break out, especially over religion, with the Pickle family being God-fearing, and in my opinion, the Lamb family who do not seem to be quite so God-fearing. But this shall provide with an interesting read.

On to Part Three, with actual chapters, instead of just one. Though the ‘chapters’ appear to be quite small, so a couple may be ‘reviewed’ at a time.


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