Part Three – Across the Corridor, The Knife Never Lies and Enterprise

Across the Corridor

Well, not unsurprisingly, the two clans of children do not get on well. They don’t talk to each other, and usually act as if the other doesn’t exist, though they “sometimes squared off at one another like opposing platoons”. Oriel Lamb supervised the planting of a vegetable patch and Quick Lamb built a fowlhouse, I guess it stems from their farming roots, but they probably did it to make ends meet. They were always described as poor, but selling their property would have generated some money, probably enough to pay the rent for a couple of months (if not years), but seemingly out of work, they don’t have much money to spare. Also unsurprisingly, Dolly Pickles doesn’t like Oriel Lamb, she finds her “plain and plain bossy”. And at every opportunity she avoids her. And the obvious tension between the two families continues, and with only one bathroom between 12 people, it wasn’t easy to please everyone. Still the Lamb family continues to say Grace, so their faith has not been completely obliterated. A sort of silent war at dinner time adds to the tensions. Of course this goes on for weeks. There will probably be some sort of ‘truce’ to come.

The Knife Never Lies

I must say that spinning a knife to find out who does the washing up is an ingenious idea, there would be no family feuds over it. Interesting that so much entertainment could be had out of spinning a knife, to find out the ugliest and smartest. Though I’m sure many people have had a similar experience in childhood, either with an eraser or a magic 8-ball, asking silly questions about everything, I wonder if today’s children could be entertained by such a mundane thing as a spinning knife. Or would they have to use an app for that.

I wonder which war Lest Lamb is talking about, is it The World War or is it the war between families. And will Fish break the family war, probably. I mean, I keep harping on about Fish and Rose getting together. So I assume they will be the first to talk and act civil. I thought that Lester Lamb was unemployed, and I wonder what job he will find, if he used to be a farmer/fisherman.

“I’ve been thinkin.
She sighed and folded her arms. I thought I smelt burnin rubber.” 

Another funny line with a bit of argy bargy between the couple.

His idea is to open a shop? Using the front room of their house, interesting idea. I wonder how the Pickle family will feel about that, will they expect extra rent or money from the shop, or will they somehow be involved in the shop as well. Or maybe they will see how successful the Lamb shop is and will want to either open their own or join the Lamb family in business. To make their decision they of course use the knife again, because the knife never lies.


The Lamb business, appropriately called Lamb Smallgoods, sells their ‘second-grade’ fruit and vegetables that they have grown in the backyard. And somehow the business appeared almost overnight and was quite popular (how people knew about the store, mystifies me) enough to nearly drive Dolly Pickle mad, from the little bell constantly ringing. It seems that the Pickle family will have an income from the business afterall, the exact arrangement hasn’t been mentioned. But it seems that the Lamb family are on their way to becoming rich, according to Dolly, having already made a shilling and a half penny. Dolly is quite annoyed that they are there making money on her property, and she can’t do a damn thing about it. Can’t she just look on the bright side and think at least she will get some money off them from rent, she’s probably just a bit jealous that they are no longer unemployed.


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