Part Three – Tuba, Science, No Wading and Bells


Well it seems that Lester is trying to make up for his less than admirable appearance in the Great War, by joining the army in the dying days of WW2. And what a classic instrument, the tuba, makes noises like elephant farts.

So Fish isn’t completely slow, he was able to ask if his brother was happy. Interesting that Quick wondered if Fish had been pretending all year, but he could tell that he wasn’t pretending. More mention of the water that Fish is obsessed with and the revelation that he is sad when he wants to see the water. I’m am completely sure that Fish is the same guy that ‘drowned’ himself at the beginning of the book, otherwise I’ll look pretty silly.


Finally some more chapters about the Pickles. Sam is still without work, but has been trying to look for work on his walks. Though his walks are now more about thinking and just getting out of the house than anything. I wonder if soon he will ask to work at the Lamb’s shop. He feels a change in the air, possibly to do with the two families actually coming together, but we’ll see.

No Wading

Dolly Pickles is angry for no reason. I think there are probably plenty of reasons. Her husband is crippled and unemployed, it’s winter, she wants to lie on a beach tanning and she has people living in half her house who constantly are trying to make her feel bad by being better than her (her opinion not mine). A little strange to start talking to a woman sitting on the toilet. I mean really, it’s just a bit offensive to say that their bodily functions smell like something’s crawled up inside you and died.

Well that’s an interesting bit of new information, Dolly’s ‘father’ who she was brought up to believe was her dad, wasn’t her father. So in reality all those half-brothers and sisters weren’t related to her at all. I kinda think that she loved the oldest brother who never came home, but she couldn’t do anything about those feelings because they were related, even if he loved her too. But then when she found out that they weren’t related, it was probably too late.

In other news, WW2 is finally over.

Bells (final chapter for Part Three)

Well the news broke that the war was over. And bells and whistles and all manner of things were making a cacophony in celebration. And FINALLY there was at least interaction between the two families. Oriel Lamb gave Dolly a roast, and Rose and Quick shared humbugs. It is hopefully a sign of a better relationship in the future, instead of this silent feud thing. But I wonder what question was asked when the knife landed on Fish?

Now onto Part Four, I am liking this story quite a lot. But it will be interesting to see what is going to happen in the 300+ pages left, I don’t have too many ideas.


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