Part Four – Quick Lamb’s Sadness Radar, Fish Waiting and Debts

Quick Lamb’s Sadness Radar

Good to think that a young boy is able to acknowledge the fact that even though the war is over, for many, the war is never over. There are many brothers and fathers and sons (and sisters and mothers and daughters) that will never come home to those that will always be waiting. It’s quite sad to think that McBride boys are just pretending to eat lunch, when in reality they have none, but they are too proud to just let everyone know they have no food. One of the sadder images in this book. I hope Quick somehow helps him. YES! He goes over and hands his pasty to one of the boys!!!!! (BTW, if you haven’t noticed I write some things before I have finished the chapter, and write whenever I have something to write about, meaning sometimes I will ‘predict’ something or hope for something even though a few sentences later it happens) Interesting question about whether it is pride, or if it actually makes them feel better/fuller to go through the motions of eating.

This chapter just gets worse and worse (not at all in terms of quality of the story, but in terms of depressing-ness)! The McBride boys are having fun and laughing, for the first time that Quick knows about. And it ends in tragedy. Really Tim Winton was it necessary to kill Wogga (I’m going to assume that being hit by a train is enough to kill him)? Maybe I’ll find out a bit later.

Fish Waiting

Interesting little chapter here. It sounds as if someone is talking to Fish, or even if Fish himself (full self) is talking to himself (less than full self). To me it feels like a change in the writing style, normally there has been more of an omnipresent narrator (I hope that is right) and now there is some narrator who is directly talking to Fish? If anyone could explain this further to me, that would be good.But Fish is clearly struggling to try and help Quick, who he loves.


So Quick has been traumatized by what he saw, understandable enough. He doesn’t want to leave his bed because he saw his classmate die in front of him, understandable enough. He has to get out of bed to stop scaring Fish, because he owes it to him to make him happy after his accident, understandable, but wrong. While reading this chapter, I was thinking that maybe the Lambs will now have two children who are ‘slow’ (gosh its hard to word it right). But I think Quick should be able to make a recovery, it’s kinda a pity that his father doesn’t realize its not just that his classmate died, HE SAW HIM DIE!!!

At least he got out of bed and ran to Fish’s bed. Am I a terrible person for laughing when Fish asks, “What you laughin for, Quick?” when Quick was crying and not laughing? If I am, then too bad.


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