Part Four – The Kybosh and Like a Light Shinin

The Kybosh (before I even read the chapter, is Kybosh a real word, or reference to anything? Google says no, closest match is Kibosh {Put an end to; dispose of decisively.} we will see if that has any relevance)

Where has Lester gone so early in the morning, if he didn’t go to band practise? Once again I think Oriel loved Bluey (the ‘brother’ that never came home). She said, ‘If he’d loved her he would’ve come back made sure of it.’ This makes me think that he loved her, but she thinks she didn’t love enough to come home. I still don’t know what the kybosh is, if anyone knows it would be great to know.

Like a Light Shinin

Good that we get to know where Lester went. FINALLY! The neighbours talk to each other!!!! Sam goes on about luck and how you can feel it, and convinces Lester to go with him and show him luck. They leave long before dawn and are so careful not for everyone to know, that they push the car until it is on the road, instead of starting the engine and waking everyone up, smart.

When Sam is at the racetrack Lester thinks that he is another man, a man that is no longer just a ‘ghost of a bloke’. Again Lester denies his religion, even though they still say Grace every single night. Quite funny that Sam thinks people say there are only two things worth believing in – the Labor Party (A POLITICAL PARTY in Australia, of all things) and God. Interesting to see if people still say this today, I doubt it.

Lady Luck seems to pull through for them both, they win at every race and the last one, they bet it all, and still win.  Let’s see how long the Lady is kind to them.

It seems that Lester has forgotten all about Wogga McBride’s funeral and Quick has gotten out of bed regardless, much to the delight of Fish.

Isn’t Rose brave? Going into the pub to fish out her mother (for a while I thought she was looking for Sam), with plenty of rowdy, drunk men guarding her way. I guess Rose couldn’t stand being alone in her half of the house, with her two brothers nowhere to be seen. Eventually she was able to get her out of the pub, after she herself went on a little trip to Kings Park (quite a nice place to relax, plenty of wide open spaces with heaps of trees littered around. I recommend going there, if you can). And when Sam and Lester got home, Dolly was dead to the world, the two boys were still out, and Rose was fuming.

At the Lamb’s place Lester’s return home was just as cold. There was no place for him on the table, and no food in the oven. Oriel was extremely frosty and wasn’t even impressed with his roles of money.

I think this was one of the longest chapters (excluding both chapter long parts (Part One and Two only contained on single chapter)) in the whole book, even though it’s just 10 pages long. But looking ahead a bit, some of the next chapters seem just as long.




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