Part Four – The River, Burning the Man and Down into the Light, Samson Lamb

The River (reminds me of The Secret River by Kate Grenville, another great Australian author, I recommend all her books)

FIELDTRIP to Fremantle River! Even though it’s more the beach that they are actually at.

But everyone has a great time (up until now, don’t know about further in the chapter) doing various beach activities. And then we find out that ‘the old man’ won a hundred and six quid! And Sam won two hundred quid! Even though I have a very limited concept of how much money that was back in the day, I know enough that I’m quite certain that that is quite A LOT!! Then he goes off and buys a boat and then can’t take it home. So what does he do???? He says to Quick, how about you row it home. And for good measure he sends Fish along too (though it was Quick who chose him to come along). Sorry? But what is wrong with him!!!!!! You don’t just tell your son to row your boat home, when it’s miles away!!! I really feel like this will not end badly, and I hope to be mistaken.

I’d actually quite like to see two kids rowing a boat down the river one day, just casually rowing a boat home. I think I’d get quite a laugh out of it. Just for the record I think that most people would, myself included, would hit Lester in the stomach with something too. I mean really, setting two children, one who is slow (it seriously is hard to word this without being ableist) to row a boat up a river for a couple of miles, as Quick said, he wasn’t even sure if a full-grown man could do it. And it’s already getting dark, no wonder Oriel hit him. I agree he is a fool, A MAJOR FOOL! Don’t quite sure if he isn’t fit to have children, people do stupider things, but still, this is a stupid idea.

Now they are almost hallucinating, possibly from the cold or exhaustion or something, or maybe everywhere does feel like the sky? I really hope Lester keeps to his promise of no more gambling, drinking or foolery and toolery (great play on words). Thank God he found them, alive!

I like the end of the chapter, Fish just causally saying he is hungry, as if nothing is wrong. Classic!

Burning the Man

I’m not going to lie, at first I thought the Lambs had given up on their business and were burning everything, good thing it was just Guy Fawkes Night (an ever better thing that I learned about this in Society and Environment this year, otherwise I’d have no idea what that is, yes I live in Australia, but we do not celebrate  this very English tradition, I mean you practically  (only one excpetion in one place on day) can’t even buy fireworks anywhere anymore).

Even though the festive mood didn’t last all night, at least the two neighbours were finally able to have a good time together. Is it a bit ironic that they were burning THE MAN, I know it isn’t that man, (like sticking it to the man) but it was the Water Man, as Fish calls him, but still. More ironic that that middle C rings out, hope it isn’t saying Fish is dead.

Talking from a pianist (not a professional one by any means) perspective that has played piano for a long time, the logistics behind holding a note for the entire night is impossible. Notes quickly die out, even if you are holding the note down for the entire time. It’s a nice it of imagery, but in reality it wouldn’t quite happen.

Down into the Light, Samson Lamb

Not quite sure what to say about this chapter, but I get the feeling that he is almost in water or something, but I dunno, so moving on.


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