Part Four – The Hand Again, Poison and Summer

The Hand Again

I hope that this has nothing to do with Sam’s already mangled hand, being further mangled.

The Pickles family is not too good at the moment, with Dolly was always drunk and Sam was always late home, so Rose has had to take to cooking for the family. And when both Dolly and Sam were home they were just fighting and bickering and even throwing things at each other. Hopeless boys that would starve without Rose cooking, boys should learn how to cook at least something to survive without a woman/girl, quite hopeless. And I must saying that  being good at pinching things, isn’t really a good personality trait, but good on them for playing outside and building something themselves, like to see kids these days do that.

Not at all surprised that their luck has again turned sour. Sam keeps losing money at the races, and Dolly keeps drinking. Things keep disappearing from the house, probably being sold for money, and it almost sounds like Dolly has left the house completely. Good thing the kids had a bit of fun while it lasted.


Dolly’s father, was in reality her father’s father-in-law, I don’t really see how that works. So the man, who pretended to be her father, was her father’s father-in-law. So her actual father was, married to the pretend father’s daughter? Quite confusing actually.

Good old Rose saves the day, and goes out and finds her, lying unconscious near the train tracks. But that’s all she can do, leave her there, Dolly can’t be woken.  But eventually she makes her way home. Vomiting profusely, at least Oriel Lamb was kind enough to help her, when her husband (Dolly’s) just made jokes about her being a geyser. I just love Oriel, for ages the two women hate each other, at least Dolly did, and she is kind enough to help Dolly back to health and also clean their house. I kind of understand Rose’s reaction the clean home. Her fury from the shame of having her neighbour clean her home and her room, when her own mother could not. But can’t you just accept good will for good will, and not have a tantrum and destroy your clean room?


Just a question, why are there still Yank soldiers, if the war has ended? Good old Christmas in summer, the heat certainly makes everyone crazier for the holiday season. I must say, I personally, despise summer, with a vengeance, I guess living in Australia is a little silly for me, with our normally long hot summers, but I survive.



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