Part Four – Red’s Method, The Pig, The Horse and The Tent Lady

Red’s Method

That is some seriously bad planning. I mean really, it’s a change room, why would you have access below it it, and better yet, why would you have floor which you can see through. Whoever designed this is stupid. Good on Red for covering the floor with a towel! BAHAHAHAH! I think Red peeing on the ‘pervs’ is a great idea, so humorous. That will teach those pervy boys. ‘DEATH TO PERVS!’ ah, this chapter cracks me up. She could pee through an eye of a needle? Uh What? More importantly HOW? I don’t even wanna know.

Like father like son, my ass, it is totally like mother like daughter. Dolly won’t even talk to Oriel now, because Oriel was kinda and generous. SERIOUSLY get over yourself Dolly! Just because YOU were in the wrong and made a fool of yourself, be angry at yourself (which you probably are) rather than the one woman who helped you. And winning a pig? What is it with people and betting with animals?

Everything does seem to happen before Christmas. The cockatoo has turned man-eater. Ted got kissed by a girl (and then some) and it changed his life. Rose decided to STEAL a book from a library, but got to guilty and returned it, Sam paying a fine, and then her membership is revoked. I mean really, I haven’t read Jane Eyre, maybe one day, if I ever run out of things to read, but it can’t be that magical, maybe to a young woman/girl, but enough to steal it from a library, and then lose any borrowing privileges and the right to borrow other amazing books, yeah no. Fish became friends win the pig, I love that, I think I will have a pig one day as a pet. Hat became the unofficial marble champion of Cloud Street. Red saw Ted with his hands in a girl’s bathers but it didn’t change his life. So much happens in a short time over summer, well in this story, I disagree in reality, because normally I’m just too hot to move at all. And I’m glad somebody else thinks Rose is in love with Fish. So many things happen in one chapter.

The Pig

At least Sam and Lester can work together and kinda be friends. HAHA, the pig can talk, I think that cracked me up a little too much. Well he/she/whatever can talk to Fish at least. Ah the every present drought in Australia, and it’s water restrictions and conservation. Of course they want to eat the pig for Christmas, but Fish and the pig for that matter, are opposed. Let’s see if Fish gets his way. Even Lester thinks the pig can talk? This pig cannot be killed, he can talk!! Seriously what is wrong with Oriel and Dolly. Can’t they accept charity and presents as they are, and just be done with it, instead of trying to be above everyone and refuse presents and gifts and things. But really Lester, tell your wife that the pig can talk, great… idea… But for now I think the pig is safe.

The Horse (more animal named chapters)

Another animal for Cloudstreet, it’s nearly a menagerie (just without any exotic animals and no one pays to see them, but still they have plenty of animals even though they are living in the city/suburbs). But the new addition is a racehorse and it was bought by Lester on a tip from Sam, but I’m pretty sure Lester isn’t using it as a racehorse, just a horse to pull a cart. I don’t like the fact that is saying he planned to do this and that, and he saw himself doing this and that, it makes it sound like it never happens because something goes wrong. Well I was right, it didn’t even last a day. The horse is still a racehorse and it only knows one speed, fast. And fruit and vegetables were strewn across town for all the birds and little children to eat. Not quite sure what the knackers are but they buy horses and did he get two quid and ten pounds of pureed tomatoes for the horse, cart, harness, or was he making a joke that all that was left was pureed tomatoes?

Why exactly is Oriel putting up a tent? Has she planned on living in a tent now, or is she sending Lester to the doghouse?

The Tent Lady

So it seems Oriel has decided to live in the tent. At first I pictured just a little tent, for one person to sleep in with, so I was a tad confused as to how she could fit a whole bed and desk and boxes and everything into the tent, but I assume now that the tent is quite large. Interesting that Oriel herself doesn’t really know why she has decided to move out into the yard, I guess it’s a combination of things. And Fish keeps playing at that piano, interesting that he is the only one that can stand that room.

That is the end of Part Four, onto Part Five


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