Part Five – And the Pig Won’t Talk , That Ted Pickles, Battalions and The Good Are Fierce

And the Pig Won’t Talk (well they aren’t supposed to, are they?)

Well isn’t Quick the best brother in the world? Not. He has left Fish alone, and now Fish, and the rest of the family for that matter, are all upset. Fish now wants the water again, and it sounded like he hadn’t for a while. And Fish wants to be bad, and wants to put poo on the walls and eat sand like a baby. Not good at all.

That Ted Pickles

Well I guess we know why Dolly actually likes Ted, because she sees Sam in him. And she gets jealous because girls look at her son, who she thinks looks like her husband? Really? That’s a little creepy. But Ted has all these female admirers and he just doesn’t care, he is like too cool for a woman at the moment. I can either see him ending up like gay, or being a real ladies man.


Oriel Lamb needed a recovery? Is it just about her son leaving? So what does she decide to do? She decides to take out the local shop competition, and become like the dominant shop place (maybe she becomes like the first Woolworths or Coles or any other massive chain of shopping centers). I quite like the signs Oriel thinks everyone could create. Lester Lamb, 10th Light Horse, 1st AIF, Gallipoli, 1915, Six children, Hernia, In grown toenails. And O. Lamb, Family Incinerated, 1911, Bereaved of Palestine, Bereaved again, 1945, Married to fool, Please Help. Ok well some of it is just sad, like her having her family incinerated, and her being bereaved (whatever that is, it doesn’t sound nice). But her being married to a fool and her asking for help is funny. But really? What sort of person says that they were Ex 2nd AIF and that people should BUY HERE, a little attention seeking. Well Oriel went in looking to burn the man, but came out with a bigger burn. But I do not think Oriel is the kind of woman who will give up on a fight, easily.

The Good Are Fierce

Well Oriel has certainly set up for WAR! She has certainly taken this seriously, I wonder if Mr Clay is prepared for the fight, I would say he most certainly is. I kinda predict that Oriel will go out of business, but wishful thinking is best. And Lester is becoming old news at the ANZAC Club, well I for one, wouldn’t want the same sort of act for too long either, even if they changed their routine every week. But the kids are all the Lambs have got, apart from their SHOP, but they’ve already lost one son, I don’t really think they lose anymore. I would even say unless Quick dies on his adventure, he’ll come back to live with them or he’ll have married.


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