Part Five – A Mug’s Game, Across the Rails and All Money Down

A Mug’s Game

I don’t understand Dolly. She hates her own daughter, and why? Because Rose hates that her mother drinks, and that she has to do all the housework and cooking, when Dolly should (as was the custom back in those days) be doing it. And she hates that she is too skinny? Has she ever realised that it is her own fault. That it is her drinking and negligence that causes her daughter to be so skinny, and probably to have her husband so lost in gambling. She really needs to get over herself and snap out of it. I mean, she is already practically cheating on Sam, hasn’t she gone too far, I mean sure she used to cheat on him before too. It makes me wonder why they even married in the first place and if they ever really loved each other? So she is having an affair with the new grocery man, I wonder what will happen when Oriel finds out. And I kinda assumed he was married, but unless he is cheating too. Well I’m no quite certain he is married, and they both know their relationship won’t be secret for long. Good on Oriel for putting up a fight, but sometimes you don’t have to be the best and eliminate all competition, other people have to eat and work too.I must say I nearly forgot that the Lambs are paying rent to the Pickles. And why does Rose struggle to get enough food, didn’t Dolly say something about a deal with the Lambs for groceries instead of rent?

Across the Rails

Well I guess we now know what has affect Dolly’s drinking has had on the rest of the family. Ted is (or from what I took) no longer a virgin, or at least is quite close to not being one. And this is the Ted that Dolly loves not hates. But I wonder how old he is and whether his mother’s actions have pushed him away and he has found ‘refuge’ in girls, or if he would have always been like this no matter what his mother does.

All Money Down

It seems it is quite easy to steal, just pop it in your mouth, and hid it as a peppermint. Was Perth really that small a place, that a random lady knew who Sam was? Well then, it seems she has plenty of reason to butt in to his business. I’m going to guess that it is the wife of the grocer that Dolly keeps cheating with. But now I think Sam has finally realised, well he always suspected at least, that he has a wife that cheats on him. I really wonder if anything will change, probably not.


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