Part Five – Carn Fish, Ghostly Sensations and The Vanilla Victory

Carn Fish (I think ‘carn’ is a very Aussie word, I’m not sure if they use it anywhere else, it means ‘come on’ in case anyone was wondering.)

I really don’t know what they will do with Fish. Or even what they can do about him. I wonder if he can really get back to ‘normal’ and it’s sad to think he once was ‘normal’ and was able to do everything, but now… And Quick leaving did not help. Fish still loves the water, is that some sort of cruel connection, that he nearly died in the water, so now he is connected to it, and will ultimately return there, when he dies? It is interesting that Fish knows his name, his proper name, his father’s name, his sisters’ names, but only one of his brothers’ names and not his mother’s name. The house talks? Well the pig once talked too, but with all the imagery the house does talk.

It is really interesting (I need to find new ways to say the same thing) that Lester basically doubts luck and feels that there should be something bigger than luck, and Sam believes fully in luck and can basically feel it. I guess that’s just more of the same polarization between the two families.

Ghostly Sensations

Watch out Mr Clay, Sam is coming to get you! Sam doesn’t know how to drive a car? Was that normal back then, cause I think it would be quite rare these days? But, I really don’t think Sam would really do anything, and it seems that he won’t. Did other people feel as if Sam was contemplating suicide as well, or was that just me. But once again, Rose saves the day, and looks after Sam, comforting him. But Rose is right, ‘you have to be your own luck. There’s nothin else, there’s just you.” and she was right earlier asking why people wait for other people to change things for them, people have to do things themselves. They need to take control!

The Vanilla Victory

Seems like Oriel will be victorious and will knock Mr Clay out of business. I wonder what that will do for Dolly and Mr Clay’s relationship. I’m going to guess that ice-cream was rare in those times. I also assume that there was no refrigeration, so no wonder ice-cream was popular. Especially in the harsh Australian summer, when they probably also had no air-conditioning. Woah things really heated up, a full week’s pay just for icecream. And the reaction to them stopping production is classic, with their anonymous letters, do people even send letters these days?

Oriel really tried too late. Why didn’t she think of the consequences earlier? It was a nice thought of her trying to make amends, but it was too little too late. I wonder if Mrs Clay, refused because Dolly would live next door, or if it was because it was all Oriel’s fault. But Mr Clay has run off, did Dolly follow, or does that mean that their affair is over?


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