Part Five – Mrs Lamb Weeps, Bad, Worse, Worstest and Closed Shop

Mrs Lamb Weeps

I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh at Rose thinking she should kidnap Fish and run away with him. It’s nice to think that Rose likes Fish regardless of his mental capacity. And it is interesting to think that Rose was surprised to see Mrs Lamb crying. I don’t know what dressed to the gills means, but with the word ‘bleeding’ following straight after, I cannot help but think it is not good. I can’t wait for this book to reach the point where things go right for both families, if there even is such a point in this book.

Bad, Worse, Worstest

Oh my! Mr Clay bashed Dolly, no matter how bad she is, I don’t quite think she deserved to be beaten up. Rose is just as frosty to her even in her new condition. I understand her anger, but as Dolly said, “It doesn’t help”. And she is right, hating someone or something doesn’t help, it doesn’t change anything. If anything it makes the situation worse. From Dolly’s reaction, she did hate her mother, and I really hope that Rose does love her children, and they love her back, but all too often people fall into the same traps their parents did.

Closed Shop

Is this like the first day that Lambs have shut up shop since they opened it? I bet it is just Oriel feeling bad about the Clays. The River seems to be a powerful thing for Oriel. Everything revolves around it in her life and there are so many memories and defining moments that have happened in or around a river. Does anyone else have some connection to a certain place like this, in real life or in the book? At present Cloudstreet revolves around either the house on Cloud Street or the river/sea, it is possibly a bit of foreshadowing about the water, and Fish, there just seem to be a few too many connections between water and Fish and that first little ‘chapter’ (the next book I read I hope has better chapter organization).

Well the crabbing scene is reminiscent of the scene at the beginning of the book where Fish nearly dies. Maybe they should stay out of the water, lest anyone else gets hurt. But that Red, again with the anti-men/feminist nature, not that there is anything wrong with it, but I can’t help but think whether she will turn out to be some feminist warrior and if she will ever love a man, even though now she says she hates them. I wonder if Lester not repeating the word that Hat said, was because it was really that bad a word and this chapter is some sort of retelling of a story, or that the word is a word that Lester would really not repeat and a narrator comments on this, and is this just a sneaky way to use a ‘swear word’ without offending anyone.


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