Part Five – Ted Shoots Through, And Then Comes Autumn, Behind it, Winter and The Big Country

Ted Shoots Through (to be honest that does NOT sound good)

So another son has left and Ted has joined Quick in leaving the house. I really wish we knew what ages everyone was, because it would be nice to know if he is really quite young, or if he is basically an adult. Even though he has left, girls still come to the door looking for him, he must have had quite a following of ladies. I wonder how long, if ever we will see him (and Quick) again.

And Then Comes Autumn, and Behind it, Winter (probably one of the longest chapter names ever)

Beryl does move in, and funnily enough Oriel getting the idea is on the same page. This chapter nearly feels like most of the book, because there are little details quickly glossed over, and each paragraph (usually chapter) is a whole new story.

On a side note, I actually know where Wave Rock is, and believe me, it is basically in the middle of no where, I can’t image what it was like back then, and even how he got there. And Hat is getting married, and moving out. Soon there will be no one left, and somehow we are only half way through the book, I honestly have NO idea where this book is going and what is to come.

Also it is interesting that they keep talking about the house as if it is a person, and this time only Fish listens to the house.

The Man Who Came Knocking

So Rose is better, and is eating again, and of course Sam attributes it to ‘luck’ again. I know that gambling is addictive, and people find it hard to stop, but for me, who has never gone through this, I always feel like asking why don’t they just stop and in Sam’s case why doesn’t he not go to the races? Especially if he thinks he has such rotten luck, then why doesn’t he avoid gambling?

Oh dear, Ted has gone and (presumably) knocked up a girl. The whole conversation between the two men, is quite hard (for me at least) to follow, firstly because it is written how it would be spoken, and secondly because there are no quotation/speech marks to easily identify which parts are spoken and which are not (this is one of my biggest grievances with the book). But hasn’t Ted run away, so how does Sam know where he is, so he can basically ‘circumcise’ him? I kinda worry for Sam, he almost seems like he has gone a bit crazy or at least he is sick with something.

The Big Country

How sad that Fish can’t even remember living on a farm, it is almost as if he forgot everything before his accident. I really don’t see what they are going to do with Fish, because it is obvious that he can’t really live on his own and Lester can’t really look after him forever.

That’s the end of Part Five and it’s “only” taken 9 posts for Part 5 and 26 posts from the beginning. And we’re not even half way through the book yet…


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