Part Six – Down Among Them, Killing, Goanna Oil and Saftey Off

Down Among Them, Killing

Who is this man/boy, is it Ted, or Quick, I think it is more likely Quick. “They cluster on the feed sacks in the back of the ute, sucking at the dark honey of thickened blood.” Hold on is this just a metaphor (it is anyway, i.e. is there actually no blood), or are they really saying that there is blood in this feed bag. It is clearly Quick, or at least one of the Lamb family. I wish we all knew how to survive in the bush/country/outback/forest/wherever and knew how to get food and how to find water and how to survive (and no this is not just some segue to “Man Versus Wild”) I feel that we have nearly lost the ancient skills of the past and heavens forbid if our technological society should crash and fail.And I also question when people find it cruel to eat this particular animal, but not that one, for example some people think it is wrong to eat kangaroo, but how is it any different to any other animal. And if people want to eat a particular animal, who are we to judge, just because we find it strange (granted sometimes it is a tad strange, and some things should not be eaten for a multitude of reasons, including that they are endangered). And I’ve just realised that in the feed sacks, there is every chance that it was kangaroo blood on them, that the flies were drinking. But ok, just killing the animal for culling (unless introduced and actually a pest) or for fun is plain wrong.

I must say that Quick seems to be very knowledgeable about how to survive, I feel as if he has been out in the outback for a couple of years, or even his whole life (if I didn’t know otherwise). It looks like his arrangement, is to live off the land for 5 days a week and then on the weekend rent some room or something so he is able to shower, etc. Clearly he was hallucinating, wasn’t he…, I wonder what really happened.

Goanna Oil (Goanna the animal I assume)

The dog must have run away, or did Fish really take him… He is not alright, especially considering he keeps falling asleep. Just a little bit of sexual innuendo there. Is this girl really that lonely and without male company that she has to do stuff with nearly a random stranger who is at their house. She is a bit forward.

Is Quick, just a little lonely and missing Fish and that is why he keeps dreaming of him. Or is there supposed to be some connection between them, and Fish is talking to him through some strange means?

Saftey Off

Does anyone know what a cockie is? I have personally never heard of the term, I though they were just farmers.

Can kangaroos really be such a pain? I mean it’s not their fault that they need to eat, and we have just taken over most of their grazing land. And as the book says the guys killing the kangaroos were “doing more damageĀ  to the crops than the plague itself”. I’m going to assume that a longer period of time has elapsed since the last ‘chapter’, and that Quick and Lucy were not a one off?

It appears that Lucy and Quick are a weekly affair, in the back of his new ‘truck’ no less. Woah something is not right with Quick, if he is starting to see himself running through the crops. I feel that it is as if every single character in the book is resigned to having bad luck or going crazy or having some sort of misfortune, can’t someone just be healthy and happy the whole time?


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