Part Six – Earl’s Dory, This Side and Load of Pigs

Earl’s Dory (like the fish?)

So Earl suggests to use his boat, when it doesn’t even float in its current condition? He is a hard and tough man. Oh dear, he has gone to where it all began, to where Fish nearly died, maybe this will be what sends him home. “If you didn’t know how they worked, then things weren’t worth having.” Well I guess nothing much these days is worth having, cause let’s be honest who really knows how a computer or the internet or a car or TV really truly work (I’m sure some people do, but not everyone).

Yeah I think something is going on with Quick or he is just super incredibly lucky, I mean catching two or even three fish on one hook, because the other fish was biting the tail of the first fish? I mean today there are hardly enough fish to catch one at a time, let alone three. “so that a decent lungful of air would send him under.” What a great image, clearly a hyperbole, but great writing. Quick really needs to go home and stop seeing the Aboriginal man and himself everywhere, it is not healthy, I hope he is planning to leave soon. And now his car is going so slow he could walk faster? He dreamt he was asleep, so he was having a dream within a dream (Inception anyone?) does that really happen?

This Side

Who is this ‘I’ that can feel it? Or is it calling the house a person again, and it can speak? This is all so strange, only because its so different to normal stories, I can see why it is ‘critically acclaimed’. And is there some connection between Fish and Quick, there has to be and was Quick’s massive haul of fish, a sign of Fish.

Load of Pigs

So first of all he his glowing? Is that just a nice metaphor for saying that he is so hot (temperature from a fever) that he looks/feels red hot and that heat translates to light? Secondly, Earl and May are so traditional and very Aussie Outback, with their “doctors could get you in a lot of trouble” that idea kill some people, I get that some people feel that doctors are frauds and all (which is frankly wrong) and that they don’t need doctors cause they are ‘tough’, but how does a doctor get you in trouble? Are they saying that if they got a doctor, then the whole town will know? And what is wrong with that? How will everyone know it was a Lamb, even if they recognize him, it doesn’t really matter, you shouldn’t judge people just because of what/who their family are, but I guess it is unfortunately normal of small towns, where everybody knows everybody. But what I do like is that Quick is going home, whether he likes it or not.

Getting an invite to the wedding? Whose wedding? I know one of the Lamb girls (Hat?) was getting married, so firstly how did they know (did Quick tell them, unlikely?) and secondly were they good friends before and the Lambs would think that they would expect a invitation? Because they don’t sound like they have been too friendly since the fake miracle.

So that is the end of Part Six, quite a short part all about Quick. In the future will everyone else come back to Cloudstreet? Or will even more be leaving? And what exactly has happened in the couple of years we have been with Quick or did all of this happen at the same time as Part Five?


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