Part Seven – Madhouse, The Do and Country

Madhouse (is someone being sent to the madhouse? Is it Quick?)

Maybe Madhouse is just a reference to the state of Cloudstreet. The wedding! That’s my guess to what is going on. Either what the pig says is some obscure language, or an Aboriginal language because even Google has no idea what it is (any ideas?) I was right the wedding is today. Has Quick been home? Is he better? Or will he arrive during the wedding and stir things up a bit? I like the idea that it is her marriage, but the wedding is Oriel’s (and Lester’s I guess), which is probably quite true, since many parents (or at least used to) pay for their children’s marriages, which really makes it the parent’s day since they paid for it. Quick has arrived everyone!

“The piano jangles”? Who is playing it if Fish is not, or is this some metaphoric thing? At least everyone is happy (for now)

The Do (is this referring to a hair-do or calling the wedding a do? – I thinking trying to guess what significance each ‘chapter’ title has is good fun, since we know almost certainly that these titles are connected to the chapter, even if I get them horribly wrong!)

For a while I thought that the wedding would be at Cloudstreet, but I guess that’s a little too modern and certainly not Christian/Catholic/Anglican/whatever. “whose jaws dropped like eggs from tall chooks” regardless if some sections are a little hard to comprehend (at least a this stage, and a bit of mystery is good in a book) Tim Winton does not disappoint with his writing and imagery! “We’re Lambs, not sheep” LOVE IT! And May and Earl went to the wedding, even though it sounded like they weren’t really invited.


So Quick is still glowing, how is that even possible considering he is now ‘cool to touch’. I frankly forgot about Beryl Lee. Though I think I can be forgiven because she hasn’t been mentioned much, if at all, since she moved in. I didn’t think he was sick, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had ‘lost his marbles’. I agree with Oriel, war is everything, and that is evident in the world with the ‘war on terror’, ‘war on crime’, ‘war on drugs’ and ‘war on this’, I wouldn’t be surprised if soon we have a ‘war on war’. I agree with both Lester and Oriel, because sometimes we have to go with the flow, but other times we have to fight the current, especially when we have to, especially if we believe in something or don’t want to lose something and sometimes we shouldn’t just accept the bad stuff, is it really that wrong to only want good things, and to think you deserve good things. Life will throw good and bad things at you, doesn’t mean we can’t dodge the bad, and catch the good.

Daisy Bates? Even though someone is famous does that really make them a winner? They say money can’t buy you happiness, which is true to a point, but what makes you a winner?

“Why are you in the tent?” I have to laugh because someone kindly wrote in pencil next to that, ‘my question exactly’. This person has written a number of interesting ideas in my library copy, even if they are quite confused to what is happening, and sometimes don’t have the best spelling. “Strangeness is ordinary” These past ‘chapters’ have been full of amazing stuff, I love this as well, and it is so true, what is ‘normal or ‘ordinary’, and why do we strive to be normal when we are always told we are different and special and unique? We are who we are, and we don’t need to be the same, because how boring would that be?

Oriel has lost her sense of direction in life, pretty much a mid-life crisis. Oooh, “They’re tellin us lies. They’ll send boys off to fight any war now. They don’t care what it’s for.” Another great thought by Oriel. The newspaper doesn’t always provide the truth, some more than others, and some days it seems like why are we fighting, is it really the best option?

I’ll leave that chapter there, I’ve said enough, but this has been one of the best chapters, and certainly one of my favourites!


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