Part Seven – Keeping Watch, In the Poo and Wallpaper

Keeping Watch

Is it a good thing that he is fading and no longer glowing, or is that nearly saying that he is dying? And it says that he slept for 32 and a half hours, I’m assuming that that is at the end of the week, after he stopped glowing, so what was he doing before, was he awake or unconscious or a mixture? Who is the woman watching him?

In the Poo

Oh dear, Sam just gets further and further in debt doesn’t he. Lester is such a kind bloke isn’t he, no matter what he is actually planning on doing or where he is going with Sam. “He’s in the poo” what a strange saying, but I think we all get the meaning. To me 200 ‘quid’ does not sound like much at all, considering today so many of us owe possibly 10-20 times that on a credit card and 100’s of times that in mortgages and loans, but in perspective 200 quid is probably a full year or more’s salary for them so to them it is a lot.

Ah so they headed off to Beryl’s house/beach-house, I wonder if she has any idea? And now Lester has offered to pay the 200 quid! For two families that began on such frosty terms, they sure are good to one another.


The only reason Red likes her has to really do with feminism, because Beryl is a hard worker, and doesn’t have a man. Not to judge but it sounds like Red could possibly end up not being a heterosexual, which in those days probably was such a sin, that she doesn’t even realise that people live like that, either that or she is going to have to find some weak man so she feels that he needs her and not the otherway around. She will be one to watch. But it almost sounds as if Beryl is fading away and will soon die. But was it her that was watching Quick while he is/was sick, and it even sounds as if Quick is growing a bit stronger, while Beryl is fading away…


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