Part Seven – Morning, Fatted Calf and Voop


Yeah they might want to explain to Quick who Beryl is and why she is in his house. He might start freaking out or something. Oriel is 54? Sounds about right. “People aren’t like furniture.” Oriel is so full of amazing thoughts. I like how Tim Winton just casually tells us what year it is, not explicitly, just drops hints, like ‘We haven’t gone to moon yet only on the wireless.’ and the celebrations about the end of the war, very subtle, very clever.

Fatted Calf

For a moment I didn’t realise what Lon actually said that was bad, then I realised that ‘Jesus’ was offensive (and I guess still is to some) and physical punishment is something else that is rare in today’s society, with good reason. Did anyone’s mouth ACTUALLY get washed out with soap, I thought that was just a saying or just a meaningless threat. Saying Jesus is one thing but saying that Fish needs to be put away, IS UNFORGIVABLE, I would be so mad if I was Lester. “A plumber should always mind his own blockages” I swear the Lamb’s are full of great sayings and ideas. “She’s having an attack of smiles.” Just another great example of good writing. Just how long has Quick been away for, a year or two? And I really want to know how old everyone is, especially the kids. I also feel really bad for Lon and Hat and Red and Elaine, and Chub and Ted, all of whom seem to be largely ignored in this book, and did anyone remember that Quick’s real name is Mason, or that Fish’s real name is Samson, I forgot entirely.


I love it when they talk to the pig, I don’t think I did earlier in the book, but I’ve grown to love the books quirkiness, and more mention of the house and people hearing it creak and speak, etc. What sort of laugh is ‘nick, nick, nick’ apparently the saddest laugh Quick has ever heard, but I can’t quite imagine it. At least now Quick is well and actually knows who Beryl is, instead of thinking she is something in his mind or some criminal or something.


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