Part Seven – Matinee, Disciples and Wakings


AHA we finally know there are another 10 years in the deed before they can sell, so they have been living there for 10 years, time flies fast. I wondered if the 20 years was up or not, because Sam asked if Lester wanted to buy it, and I though hold on does this mean the 20 years is up? But of course they couldn’t be because everyone is still so young. And Sam is still in hiding, I still can’t believe Lester is going to pay the 200 quid, even if he has reasonable reasons. OH NO NO NO NO, please Lester and Dolly do not have an affair, this will make this even more complicated. WHY!!!!!!!!!!! I guess things were just a little too good at the moment, Quick came home, Hat got married, it couldn’t last could it. Tim Winton you certainly throw up some challenges for these people, and leave us guessing what will happen next.


“The Shifty Shadow was about” is this at all related to what just happened, or is there some further calamity waiting down the road? 32 heads in a row? I know theoretically that is possible, probably less than one in 25 billion, so it could happen, but would it really happen, has it happened, how many heads/tails in a row have you gotten before? It’s 1:15 am, and people are coming to his secret location?Either someone found out where he was, or Lester is visiting him, but is trying to be discrete. “Friend or foe?” “Tenant” I guess that really does sum up their relationship, but isn’t it a bit more now, or at least heading towards friendship. Roo ticks? Never heard of them until this book, and I live in Australia! Oh dear, I really hope he wins, he can’t afford to lose again, he should really stop gambling, even if he knows ‘when he will win’.


“It’s like the longest subtraction sum invented.” A wonderful simile! How exactly does Fish know that Lester is gone, was he supposed to sleep in the same bed, or was Fish awake during the night? I swear sometimes Fish knows a lot more than anyone else. This is the first real mention of all the kids, in a long time, its good to see they are actually part of the story. Oh dear, they lost all the money, this is not good. Oh maybe not, he just looks like he lost all the money, because he feels that they will. They really don’t seem to really have any plans for the future and no ambition, the Lambs, if they were saving, but they didn’t know what for. “you’re the last thing a man needs” That’s a little harsh, though it seems a little strange how much she has become part of the family, in her eyes at least.


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