Part Seven – Promises, The World Through Beryl, Business and Beryl Fades Out


Shouldn’t you knock on the door and THEN wait for a reply so you don’t walk into someone changing or worse! Well doesn’t this make things interesting, Beryl knows about the affair, I wonder if she will hold that against Lester. “I watch you.” Isn’t that like the creepiest thing anyone has ever said. I think that the affair was more of a ‘one night stand’ rather than a long term thing, at least for Lester, Dolly on the other hand will pursue it in the future. This is so going to bite them both on the butt on day.

The World Through Beryl

I don’t think Beryl has long left in this world. It’s not too good when you start to become transparent even if it is just an image.


I guess Tim Winton won’t reveal to us if Sam wins or not for a little while. He’s got to keep the suspense up.

Beryl Fades Out

What Red says, is something I would think Fish would really say “I think Beryl is fading”. But I guess now it must be so obvious that everyone can see it. She’s leaving, and she’s crying? She wanted to talk to Quick about things, and she didn’t even know him, and he doesn’t even have a clue who she is? Something is quite strange about this woman (maybe I’m wrong and she won’t die soon). I hope she means that she was talking to the people in the house, and not literally a house, but she wants to become a nun? Can you even do that when you are old, and no longer ‘pure’?

Married to God? Her choice really. ‘A woman doesn’t need talk’ really because I’m sure a lot of women believe they HAVE to talk. Ah Oriel always with the wonderful insights.


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