Part Seven – Ticking, The Whole Damn Cake and Candles and Feast

Ticking (like a ticking clock counting down until the big gamble)

Interesting that Oriel believes that there is something always in the river, well these days in most rivers the thing in them is pollution and rubbish, not fish and crustaceans. Evils of commercialism! Interesting that Quick is annoyed that he was not Oriel’s favourite, but that is quickly thrown back in his face by clever Oriel, because Fish was his favourite too.

Hmm. “The strong are here to look after the weak, son, and the weak are here to teach the strong” Oriel is just full of these great ideas, of course the true genius is Tim Winton. But, it’s still interesting to hear what Oriel will come up with next. But this one is a really interesting idea, that could be seriously discussed further!”What would you do if you got rich?” “Get poor again, I expect. I’m surrounded by fools, you know.” So many people would I think, lot’s of people don’t know what to do with money, let alone a lot of it.

The Whole Damn Cake and Candles

I really think Tim Winton is a wiz at imagery and metaphors and symbolism, etc. even if for a long time it doesn’t make sense to us (or at least me). I can seriously see why this book is a ‘classic.’

Will this ‘part’ end on a cliff hanger, or will it be revealed if he has won or not?

Feast (sounds promising, though you never know with this book)

HE WON! Let’s hope that is the last gambling he does, or is that just wishful thinking? And the feast is on the prawns, how many didn’t they catch?

But this part does end on a bit of a cliff hanger (not to the scale of nearly EVERY SINGLE chapter in The Hunger Games Series), who is this dark shadow girl? Is this the Aboriginal girl who killed herself? Possibly, but how can Fish see her, I know he is a little different, but still. And is this why he loves to play the piano, to get the girl happy or to at least talk?


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