Part Eight – Voices


I wonder how many months/weeks/years have passed since part seven. Ah the evil hay-fever, a curse among so many of us. That’s a little depressing that almost every night someone is weeping. Rose is 24 years old, finally we know the age, but I’d be cooler if somehow there was like some sort of add on to a book that told me what year it was, and how old everyone is, but only for this book. For all others it is not required, because most books don’t really progress over years, some do, but they have better indication of ages and years, either that or I don’t remember or pay enough attention to figure it out myself. “… but most men are at least a little stupid.” Quite true.

A quick google/wikipedia search and it appears that it is between 1949 and 1966. It’s kinda strange that Rose says she votes Labor every election, because she is only really old enough to have gone through one or two. Only a week has passed since Part Seven, when Sam won all that money, I really didn’t think Rose was 24. Ok so is “Bairds” just a company, and Rose works at the switchboard there, or is it a switchboard place, called “Bairds”. Anyways it is an interesting way to meet new people. Interesting bloke to get involved with, a reporter, he will be well informed with the times. He almost sounded like a stalker listing things off about her, but I guess being a reporter you have an eye for detail and aren’t afraid to make a guess.

This was quite a long ‘chapter’ and the next one is longer still, which I will review tomorrow, until then.




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