Part Eight – Toby Raven

Toby Raven

If you are going to drive someone somewhere, whoever it is, especially if you are on a date and trying to impress them, the first thing you have to know is how to drive properly, it also helps to not kill your date, otherwise your chances of a second date are pretty slim. I think it must be a requirement for journalists to be confident, and thick-skinned otherwise how would they ever be brave enough to ask the hard questions, and pester someone for an answer, if they just hung back. Is that supposed to be Fish talking, I assume it must be, but a coherent Fish and I did always think they would end up together, there is still time though… Bit forward for a first date, but things happen. I didn’t think many people of the time, ‘Christians’ especially, would have sex before marriage, so is this just an exception to the rule, or am I just so clueless about the 50’s-60’s?

I really don’t think Rose will be happy with him for long, and it appears that he is almost no longer happy with her. She just doesn’t seem to fit in with the lifestyle, sure people can change, but I don’t think she is the right type of girl for him. Even though he is confident he is clearly self-conscious about his writing, I think a lot of budding authors are. How old is Chub, I would assume he is a man now, and it is obvious he doesn’t have much ambition in life, though he might, he is just a little too lazy to do anything.

Ted is living in South Australia, is a jockey and married the girl who was pregnant. Is this the first grandchild for either family? I think so. It’s a bit harsh not to invite your own parents and family to your wedding, but I guess he had his reasons.

How exactly did Toby know where she lived, she seemed so secretive about it. Woah it’s been a whole year? I knew it wouldn’t really last, they are both bored off it, Rose especially. Rich people and their old money, half of them have never done anything in their lives.

Is this actually Toby’s poem and did he know this before going there? Toby, Toby, Toby, I am disappointed, we seem to have found your viscous nasty streak. Poor Rose, she didn’t deserve to be humiliated like that.

It is so strange that the previous chapter, this chapter, and some of the following chapters are actually quite long, especially compared to the short ‘chapters’ we had previously.


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