Part Eight – Silhouettes


He actually found the boat? How was it not removed or stolen? Good to see that people weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Rivers are, unfortunately, the land’s sewers, so much pollution goes into them every day. Sometimes I think this book could be called ‘The River’ or ‘The Sea’ or ‘The Water’, though ‘Cloudstreet’ is more than appropriate. Quick is going to become a fisherman good on him. Interesting that he can’t get away from the river, and that when he left, he came back, I wonder how Ted is coping, or maybe the river in Adelaide is good enough. It’s kinda nice how the story slowly unravels and we get hints and tastes of things slowly, so much is hinted at in this book and leads up to a reveal, good foreshadowing by Tim Winton. Sam was a cook in Gallipoli, well there is nothing wrong with that, someone had to do it.

Hardly anyone really believes in themselves, maybe that is why the world is really such a terrible place, no one believes in themselves, they always seek belief from others. I think that a lot of people really just live for their family, and like Sam and Oriel, if they lost their family there would be nothing left, no matter how terrible the family is. A lot of people are missing something, their life may be good, they have money, they have a family, they have a job that they quite enjoy, but still they aren’t truly happy. People really just need to do the things that they love and work out the rest from there, if you don’t like your job, don’t do it, it isn’t worth it. You only have one life, live it!

Who is the mysterious woman? I bet it is Rose, that would make sense, that she has just run away from that awful dinner, and went down to the river and cried. Maybe the fact that it says, they rose from…., means it is Rose, if it isn’t well then who is it?

Even though longer chapters are nice, some of the shorter ones allow more to be written about them, whilst taking less time to read, I think the next ‘chapter’ is one of the last long ones for Part Eight.


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