Part Eight – Hypothetical, as the Smartbums Say and Dwellingplace

Hypothetical, as the Smartbums Say

Ah, it was Rose.  “The lost Lamb.” Aren’t they all a bit lost? 15 years they have been living in that house! I swear not long ago it was only 10, geez time does go fast. Ah, it is the same night that she ran out on Toby. It is interesting that in some chapters time moves forwards, and then it goes backwards, and catches up again, credit to Tim Winton, that isn’t an easy thing to do. Maybe Rose and Quick could get married, probably not though. Two families live in the same house, they hardly know each other, and yet they know so much about what goes on.


I thought everyone, apart from Fish, couldn’t stand being in the library. Unless it has changed, Rose could hardly be there for a second. It will be interesting to see if their ‘relationship’ lasts, or was it another one night stand between the families. I’m assuming that the girlshadow and the hagshadow, both refer to the dead girl who committed suicide, and the old lady who died with her nose on the piano. Tim Winton writes some really interesting things, some strange ideas, which are hard to get use to, but once you are more accustomed with them, their true brilliance shines through. I guess that is a little like all of Shakespeare’s work, at first it is hard to understand what is going on, but once you get used to it, you can see the true brilliance.

Sorry for the short posts, time is precious at the moment.


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