Part Eight – Outside Chance and Grandeur, Almost

Outside Chance

They seriously are getting married? I really should have seen that coming, but I thought they were joking. I like how everyone takes it differently. Oriel acts as if nothing has happened, Sam just laughs, and Dolly becomes angry, and almost thinks it is Oriel’s fault. She probably can’t stand the idea of the two families being joined together, forever. Lester is just shocked more than anything, clearly no one saw this coming. Why exactly are they having a meeting? I didn’t think marriage was something everyone needs to discuss, two people just make that decision, I guess it is the short notice, which sounds like a rash decision. I actually wonder how Fish will take the news, I always thought that Rose and Fish would end up together, at least I was kinda close, because maybe if Rose and Quick are together then they will look after Fish too.

The shock must of hit Oriel, hard. Dolly doesn’t like the news either and thinks Quick will be devoured by Oriel. Nice to know that Dolly thinks Rose is pregnant, though she can’t be, or at least she can’t know yet, they were only together last night. And good on Sam, for actually being able to keep the money, it couldn’t have been easy for him, but it’s a change in the right direction. It’s getting close to the end of the book, so there can’t be too many bad things happening, there will be a number more, and plenty of more surprises, but not like previously. Ah the old fashion way, of asking the bride’s father for his blessing, does that even happen these days? Dolly can’t see past the fact that Oriel is ‘winning’ and slowly taking her house from them, I hope soon they both like each other.Why did they choose to get married in 6 weeks, I wonder if there was any reason behind that decision.

Grandeur, Almost

“Fish looks like he could run the Liberal Party and make a killing.” I like it, but was that supposed to be a swipe at the Liberals, cause if so, I like it even more. BAHAHA, how I love Fish, he actually goes to check if his hair is falling off. Fish does a little dance, and makes some noise and then falls asleep, classic Fish. OMG Dolly and Oriel danced together!!!!!! And Quick and Rose are married!!!!! And Fish is asleep in the car, why they say ‘Fish Lamb is sleeping.’ Instead of Fish is sleeping, I’m not sure, there is probably some significance there.

Onto Part Nine, only Part Nine and Part Ten to go, not long now, until I move onto a new book…


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