Part Nine – Flat Foot, The Shifty Shadow and Steam

Flat Foot

Quick doesn’t really seem to be enjoying his job all that much, though like any new job, when you start out you are at the bottom and all the nasty jobs get thrown your way. It is really nice to hear that Rose is still working even though she is married and quite pregnant, I’m sure not all that many women were able to do the same in the 60’s, or earlier. I’m sure Red would be happy about that, I wonder what she and Hat, and Lon and Chub are up to?

The Shifty Shadow

This cannot be good can it? So this is why Dolly drinks, she is afraid of her dreams, which are probably connected to her past. It’s a pity that she finds drinking to be the only way out of her pain. Sometimes its better to go through a lot of pain for a short amount of time, than to go through a little bit of pain for a long time. Tim Winton really loves to subtly and casually reveal things to us, first of all we get the birth-dates of both Oriel and Lester (31/12/1901 and 10/10/1894 respectively) and then more importantly, we find out that Oriel had two miscarriages and a stillborn. Not only that but they actually have names for all of them, John, Edward and Mary, quite sad, but I have to say that these are definitely more normal names than the children that are alive have, just saying. But more surprisingly, or not since we were warned, there is screaming coming from the house. I assume it is just Dolly, who has fallen down the stairs, not something more sinister? A broken leg is bad, but it really could have been worse, I love how Sam can practically predict terrible events happening, quite an idea.


OK… that probably has to be one of the weirdest ‘chapters’ around. A small man who  is naked falls on the floor of a sauna? He is having a heart attack? And he has bad dreams about his mother? I’m going to assume that this is Ted, the Pickle that got a girl pregnant and ended up marrying her and moved to South Australia, otherwise who the hell is this guy?


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