Part Nine – The Blacks and Whites, Steel, The One and Two Florins

The Blacks and Whites

Even though I am quite used to the strange chapters, it is still hard to get my head around them. I swear this is the longest personification and metaphor about a house being like a human, and sighing and making noises and talking, ever! Why were the two ‘ghost women’ fighting? All very confusing, expect for an English teacher.


Well the shifty shadow has struck, and it struck pretty hard. Ted died. Rose had a miscarriage. Dolly has a broken leg. Can anything else go wrong? I love how Quick decides that he is a police officer so he will just ‘arrest’ someones car, I haven’t heard of that before, he could have just asked to borrow it. Can no-one know that she is made out steel, or did something else happen, something she can’t tell anyone?

The One (no connection to the physic reality TV show in Australia, or at least I hope so)

For a little while I thought someone else had died, I even thought Fish had for some reason and it was Oriel who was screaming. But it was Dolly crying over the loss of Ted. My question* is, is Ted the first of more deaths to come from either family and if so, who will be next?

The second part of this chapter confuses me again, Fish is still in the library, but he is clutching his ears, trying not to listen to something. Is it just Dolly crying that he is blocking out, or is there something else?

*In a completely unrelated note, it never clicked that question, is ‘quest’ with -tion added. So a question, is a quest for the answer. Moving on…

Two Florins

People really seem to take tragedy in different ways (duh), it is interesting to know that some people become depressed by tragedy while others seem to become motivated so that it never happens again, I wonder what causes these different reactions, is it optimism and pessimism or something more complex? But back to Cloudstreet, where Rose has stopped eating again, for the second time in her life, I thought she got over that, clearly not. She even quit work! Their house is taking an awful long time to build, it has been some months now hasn’t it? Is it too much to guess that they will move back to Cloudstreet sometime soon? I have to add that it is ironic that Rose and Quick both wanted to leave Cloudstreet so fast and it was too crowded, etc, and then after a while they both start to miss it, because their house is too quiet. At the moment no one has successfully gotten away from the house for long, Ted died, Quick returned once and is almost set to return again, no one else has left apart from Hat (?) though it might not be long before she comes back too. Sam is losing again, and Fish thinks the house is angry, can we blame the house for everything? I almost think we can, this house is cursed or something, so many problems associated with everyone who lived in it or owned it.

Just casually Lester drops a fish onto the police counter. He found florins from the year Fish was born in fish, is that a coincidence or fate (what do you think regardless that this is a story and Tim Winton can do whatever the hell he wants). “There’s laws against everything and no justice at all.” Love it how it comes from an ex-cop to a current cop, but it is quite true, the number of stupid laws that no one remembers, I’m sure there are plenty of websites dedicated to that, is quite ridiculous.




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