Part Nine – Weathering It Out, Whirling Dark and Lost Ground

Weathering It Out

Sam back in the same routine, earn money and then immediately go out and gamble and lose it all, wonderful! “Everybody loved a loser.” What wisdom, and so true, we always love having someone worse off than ourselves around, to make sure we think well at least we aren’t as bad as them, or as ugly, or as poor, or as stupid and then conversely we all hate ourselves, and most of us have no confidence in ourselves either. Humans so stupidly complicated! It certainly just gets worse doesn’t it, Dolly is flogging off all their stuff, for what? More booze? And now Fish is naked and bashing against the walls? And Sam can see the old dead lady, who he now thinks to be ‘Lady Luck’ herself, maybe that is why they have such awful luck, they are living with her and I don’t think she is pleased. “She won’t let me play”, I assume the she is the old ‘hag’ and that Fish can’t play, what, the piano? Or with the other Aboriginal dead girl? Frightening to think that nearly everyone in this family thinks the house is alive or is actually seeing dead people! What is wrong with them all?

Whirling Dark

Who narrated that passage? It used ‘I’ so it is someone? Tim Winton you are a genius and amazing writer, but sometimes you confuse the heck out of me!

Lost Ground

I wonder how long it will be until we have a Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0, this time, there won’t be any survivors, or you’d wish there weren’t any.

Rose has certainly become bitter, she used to love the girls at Bairds, now she hates them. Sure you lost a child, but what is moping around going to do? Oh dear, she has got one too many symptoms of OCD (which is nothing to be laughed at), she seriously needs some help, I think all of them do. Hopefully that was the wakeup call she needed. It doesn’t sound like Dolly will be around for long, unless somehow they can all pull together and be a ‘normal family’. Does this much pain and trouble go through with families? I must be really ignorant, if this stuff goes on, or similar things go on to the same degree, in other families. Does life really have to be this hard?


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