Part Nine – Arrest, The Girl with the Brown Fatness of Hair, Mothers

Arrest (doesn’t sound too good, unless it is just Quick arresting someone)

Interesting that Rose now remembers that she heard her mother having an affair, when she was younger, memories are such strange things. They found Dolly, is that good or bad new? She doesn’t sound well, where has she been? What has she been doing? More importantly, what is wrong with her and will she ever get better? I hope in Part 10 there is the conclusion and it should be happy and joyous and all their problems will be solved. Is that too ‘fairytale’? Too ‘childish’. There has to be some sort of ‘resolution’ (either happy or sad) according to ‘the structure of stories’, but you never know with Tim Winton, anything could happen.

The Girl with the Brown Fatness of Hair (I won’t even try to figure out what that means)

Well that was pretty much what we expected wasn’t it. Rose was frosty, and Dolly not all that kind, but you could start to hear her pain. I will assume Rose will return tomorrow, I think she should. Even if you don’t want to hear what someone else has to say, it’s probably best to hear it, even if it is better for them just to get it off their chests. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Yeah. Right. Isn’t that the biggest piece of male cow dung, you’ve ever heard, it is safe to say, words hurt, a lot. People obsess over words, more than a physical injury. Someone says something to you, especially if negative, and you are unlikely to forget that in a long time, and it will forever bug you, and undermine you. You start to doubt yourself and then find it hard to think any compliments are true. Mainly it is our brain’s own fault for over-analyzing. Sometimes our own brain is our own worst enemy. Thinking is a harmful disease.

Mothers (we all have them, even if they are dead, or we don’t know them)

Good, she did go and see her mother. She really should see a doctor about that, doctors save lives, nothing more to it. Interesting how we tend to spoil grandchildren more than our own children, funny that. Dolly has no teeth? Was that common, I guess if you never see a dentist, it would be. We always want what we can’t have. Dolly, so true, Rose won’t go forgetting you anytime soon. Did I really just read that? Dolly’s own mother was her sister. I’m slightly confused. Is her mother just her mother (and not her sister) or is her mother her sister and mother? Or is it saying that her mother was a teen mum, so then her ‘grandma’ pretended to be a mother for her?


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