Part Nine – Tonic, He Does, Doomiest and Flames


I just looked back to the first ‘chapter’ where someone goes into the water or whatever, and it says 20 years. Maybe this is the celebration that they sell the house now, and that they have known each other for 20 long, hard years. I have no real idea when they actually moved into the house, but it would be getting very close to 20 years, now 1962 has ended. Oooh, things are brightening up a little, but there is still time for more calamity. Wow, Rose went to see Dolly nearly everyday, even though she came out furious, good thing she kept going back, cause it certainly has helped her and Dolly. Yay, Rose has started eating again! Their house is seriously not ready yet? How are they building it, brick-by-brick, nail-by-nail?

What a strange car! To be honest, though I only really think of cars as transport to get me to and from places, I want a car that isn’t rusting, that actually has airbags, and that was made recently. But, I guess if you don’t have a car, and you can’t afford one, you don’t turn down someone giving you a free car. Rose is pregnant again! I have to stop and comment a little on how time flows in Cloudstreet. It is quite unusual, and not really like anything I’ve read previously (which is good), but sometimes details are glossed over and we quickly go from one year to the next, and then other times time drags on and every little detail is given to us. Clearly there would be times when more things happen than during others, but sometimes I feel like in chapters like these, that we missed important parts of the stories, but we just get the outline, which makes it a tad confusing figuring out when everything happened and what just happened and what year we are in. But nevertheless, still a great book.

“dead cert.” I hope that is saying dead certain, not like their hopes are all dead, and will never happen!

He Does

Nice to know what everyone else is doing. Red is a nurse and still is a feminist (I seriously get confused between Red and Hat, but now I’m sure Hat is married already, I guess it is because we hardly hear from them). And Lon, like Ted, has gotten a girl pregnant, and are quickly married. This time however Lon and ‘Pansy’ (no one should ever name a child Pansy, sorry) are living in Cloudstreet, which makes things interesting.

Doomiest (Doom is never a good thing)

I did say that there was still time for calamity (strange how that word is strikingly similar to calm).

Flames (is this the end of Cloudstreet?)

Ok, not so doomy, but still gloomy (yes, I am lame). I seriously was thinking that Cloudstreet would burn down, it doesn’t help when the next chapter’s title is ‘The New House’, I’m going to say that this is Rose and Quick’s new house.

And suddenly we are back to the tiny chapters again, which to be honest is good, but at the same time not so good.


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