Part Nine – The New House, Christmas, Summer Madness

The New House

Sounds like good news, their house is nearly finished, all is well. Well of course, that can’t be true, with around 60 pages left there is still room for trouble. So the black man is back, and again he is telling Quick he needs to go home. I’m going to say that home is Cloudstreet, and to be honest, it is really where they all belong. They are way too connected to that place, I don’t think they can leave. MAYBE, after the 20 years thing, some sort of ‘curse’ will be broken and they can go wherever they want, but until then, I don’t think they should leave Cloudstreet. I mean Quick and Rose haven’t had the greatest of times since they left and since Rose connected back to Cloudstreet, things have improved, sounds like a connection to me.

Christmas (If you believed the shopping centers Christmas starts at least one month earlier, or should I really say, one YEAR earlier)

Not very pleasant imagery, but you have to hand it to Tim Winton, it’s pretty darn good. Not much more to say really.

Summer Madness

I have to say people do get a bit crazy when it gets hot, it doesn’t help when in the southern hemisphere, you have ‘holiday season’ to put everyone’s tempers to the edge. Woah that does not sound good, it sounds really haunting. He has a gun and he is coming FOR US ALL (everybody hide!) Not really sure what this has to do with anything, but we’ll see. Is he coming to kill everyone at Cloudstreet? Or is this more random? Or is this someone FROM Cloudstreet, gone out on a murderous rampage? Too many questions!

Bloody Mayhem (after turning the page I see, Bloody twice, and Murder twice, as titles of the next ‘chapters’, sounds … delightful…)

Clearly something big is going down. I can’t attribute this to myself, but someone kindly wrote notes in this copy and they say here, about a connection between the weather and what goes on in Cloudstreet. As in now there is thunderstorms and it indcates chaos, and then earlier in summer it was hot, and things weren’t looking to good. Then there was rain, and things got better. Interesting idea, that without this helpful person, I’m not too sure if I would have picked up on it. “Indiscriminate murder” sounds like lots of fun, but I really love how Winton explains it to us, classic!


On a slightly unrelated note, but not at all, this is my 50th post! I can hardly believe it! It has taken, to be honest, longer than I expected to go through Cloudstreet, and we aren’t done quite yet, I think I can attribute it to the ‘alternative’ chaptering scheme (and as a little hint the next book on my agenda, also has an ‘unconventional’ chaptering (is that even a word) scheme (probably should just say chapter scheme) and that is all I will say) which does take more time because a lot of things tend to happen in a short space of time. However, I’m not sure if I could really fit in time to do a whole ‘conventional’ chapter in just one day, but that is a problem that I may encounter when I reach my 100th post. Thankyou to anyone who is reading this, and I hope that more and more people can one day stumble on this and enjoy it, just as I have enjoyed writing it.


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