Part Nine – The Walls, The Light in the Tent, Only Streets Away, Fish Wakes, He Knows What Rape and Murder Mean, Oriel Hears, Businesslike, Quiet, Loaded House, Morning, The City is Howling and Bastard of a Place

The Walls

I’m surprised they went into the ‘library’ Rose used to hate that room so much, she couldn’t even step inside it. And now, Quick is seeing the old woman, and the Aboriginal girl, is it strange to have mass hallucinations?

The Light in the Tent

She is certainly brave, or foolish, staying out there so unprotected. Well there is that guard pig, which was so effective last time, which may help. I still don’t quite get why she is out there, it confuses me a bit. She said that ‘it would break her’ to go back into the house to sleep, but why? Is it because of the people or is it that she hates the place, which still seems to hate all of them after 19 years (confirmation there is not long to go). Can houses really hate someone?

Only Streets Away

Who is this murderer, I would not be at all surprised if it was somehow one of our Cloudstreet gang.

Fish Wakes

Seriously the shortest chapter in here, I think.

He Knows What Rape and Murder Mean

Did I read that correctly? Is our murderer also a necrophiliac? Disgusting, if it is a character we know, the sadness I will have, will be so immense, I will hate this book (probably not but still)!

Oriel Hears

Oriel still can’t help Fish, he still doesn’t even know who she is, quite sad.


No, no, no, no! If this is seriously Sam, I will not be happy! Even still he has a wife and kids, and yet he is still murdering and raping kids. How can someone live such different lives, he can one minute kill someone in cold blood, and then next minute be home with his kids? Sick!


News? What news will this be?

Loaded House

Again with the house looking sad, doesn’t anybody in real life, seriously think about their house and its emotions? I know it is a book, but I am just wondering where Tim Winton got his inspiration, may have to find that out…


The news, is another is dead? Great news that is. I wonder if Quick can find his guy, probably not, he finds him, not the other way around!

The City is Howling

Bringing in Scotland Yard? Seriously guys, that would take an awful long time and is so pointless, I guess it highlights the levels of anger and desperation everyone is at. Will they ever stop this man?

Dolly and Rose


Bastard of a Place

Which place does he mean?

13 ‘chapters’ in basically 4 pages! I understand why he did it, it adds to the tension, drama, makes it more intense. I was worried if the title had a word limit, doesn’t look like it does though. 88% complete, not long to go now!!!!


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