Part Nine – Something’s Up, Him and Wax Harry

Something’s Up

Finally they are closing in! The second paragraph is so strange, “look down there Fish” as if Fish is in heaven? Who is he talking to? They arrested someone, but their source is a journalist and not actually someone more reliable. They are cops, shouldn’t they be told first when they catch a mass murderer? ROSE IS IN LABOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick is going to be a father!!!!!!!!


Why does it so sound like Sam or Lester? Why? I really hope it isn’t!

Wax Harry

I swear this happens all the time, everyone goes to classes, practices, but when the time comes, all hell breaks loose (even though I have had no experience of pregnancy). I guess it shows that practice doesn’t always make perfect, but it is still helpful. People like Oriel are so helpful in stressful situations, they get to what needs to be done, no mucking around, gotta love them. Oooooooooh, the spirits are leaving, does this mean all is going to be good in the house now? I mean, there aren’t too many pages left, there has to be more ‘happiness’ than ‘sadness’. “You’re not puttin im in the bucket?” BAHAHA, ah that’s a tad funny that he would even suggest that. “She’s got a placenta to come, you ignorant man, Oriel says with a grin.” First of all again, quite funny, but secondly health videos pain a disturbing picture of this, and it makes me wonder why in the world have I heard of people who first keep the placenta, and secondly eat (yes eat!) or put it in a necklace and wear it (not at all Ke$ha…) DISGUSTING!

Harry is a nice name, who disagreed was it Fish or Rose? Nice little throw to the other news of the man being caught, the mass murderer I should say. That means it isn’t Sam and Lester, right? GOOD!

Up to part 10! Not long to go now, apparently only 9% remaining according to Goodreads (, which is a good site to keep track and rate all the books you’ve read, and find some good ones to read next!!


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