Part Ten – Fishing, The Past, Waiting and Floater


So they went to church again? Or was it just Lester? That, to me, seemed a little random and out of place to be honest.

The Past

Such a nice things to buy flowers for your wife, mother and mother-in-law, doesn’t everyone like to get flowers, or even gifts as long as they aren’t cheap and tacky. How strange to see Lucy again, I forgot all about her, and it took me a while to remember who it was. It was the psycho (in my opinion she was crazy for sex) girl who lived in the bush, and had some ‘fun’ with Quick while he shot roos. Is Tim Winton dragging out all the old characters for us, to give them all a final farewell? But I really do like it when old characters pop up, especially after you think you’ll never see them again, or think they are unimportant and then turn out that way (J.K.Rowling I’m looking at YOU!). Writers are amazing, good writers well they are just fantastic!


It sounds like even Oriel, doesn’t know why she is living out in the tent, the house is so full of light and happiness, why should she avoid it?


You go to have a peaceful lunch by the river, and then end up diving into the river trying to reach a child drowning, with two other kids seeing this kid drowning, and then find out the child is long dead. Great lunch break… Then he realises that this is just like him and Fish, but this time he died, but Quick will always be going through his death. It was the murderer’s kid! How strange. Tragic for the wife, her child is dead, and her husband is soon to be dead. But it is nice for Quick to realise that everyone is human, and just because they did something doesn’t mean they deserve to hear the news of their child’s death or any bad news. No one deserves to die, no matter what they did, they might be monsters, but they still are people. It is also so bad how murderer’s and other criminal’s families are so affected by their crimes, even if they had no idea. Their child will always have their last name, and will always make people think of their father/mother, even if they are really good people. People judge too much, and don’t let people find their own place in the world before making the assumption they are just like their father/mother/sibling. Everyone is different, don’t assume otherwise!


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