Part Ten – Put Yer Dukes Up, Woman!, Turning, Coming

Put Yer Dukes Up, Woman!

How AWKWARD! Having your mum barge in when you are naked, with your wife, is not something anyone wants to experience, EVER! But I guess, if you live under their roof, they can come and go as they please, you just have to be prepared. OH WOW! Someone is standing up to Oriel?!?! WOAH! Don’t mess with her, she is a woman on a mission and if you are doing something out of line, WATCH OUT! Good on her, a mature woman can still knock out her own son, who is in his early 20’s and has been an apprentice. Seriously one of the most amusing chapters, great reading! But will Lon take it, or are they out of there?


He does sound like he needs a holiday! “Only difference is, they did things you and me just thought about.” I’d never really say this, but, AHEM to that! That is way too true, people always get bagged if they say something offensive or do something a little wrong or a little insensitive, yet half the people doing the bagging out thought about doing it too. It really should be hard to judge in that situation but it appears not. Sure we need to have self control and shouldn’t say and do the first thing that comes into our heads, but that’s a very thin veil of ‘humanity’ that separates the ‘us’ from the ‘them’. Quick sums it up nicely, “It’s  us and us and us.”

Now I’m disappointed. We had a nice moving, serious section, that was conveying a nice message, and then Tim Winton ends it with THAT?!?! Come ON! That was a terrible ending, she put her breast in his mouth?!? Sure she can do whatever the hell she wants, and is trying to comfort him, but did Tim Winton really have to do that? I think this is the one time that I’m actually disappointed and frankly angry at Tim Winton, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again in the last 20 odd pages!


Hard to be angry after that. A very intriguing chapter, indeed. Once again who was talking, was it the pig? Or was it like Fish, but a ‘whole’ Fish? I can’t wait, literally cannot wait to find out what Fish’s turn is going to be. I am very excited to end this book. Self control will make me wait until tomorrow but I am really tempted to read on and finish it!



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