Part Ten – Get a Haircut, Lester on His Knees, Voting Day and Gift Horse

Get a Haircut

I guess looking terrible can be good sometimes, you get random time off of work for a holiday. I don’t think fishing is a very good idea either, the history isn’t that good, and it isn’t all that exciting a holiday either, relaxing maybe, but not the best. Roadtrips are usually fun. Just get in the car and drive! No plans, no thinking, just drive and have a good time. Not really my style, but it would be good to do this once, be relaxed, and just go with the flow completely.

Lester on His Knees

Sounds like Rose and Quick will be soon in their new home. How exciting, a brand new home! It doesn’t sound all that pleasing, “antiseptic” and all, sounds much too fake and unhomely. Gosh hindsight is amazing isn’t it. Lester is praying? That’s a little strange, it seemed he had given up religion, I wonder what he was praying for. For them to have a good life here in the new home. Or for them to stay in Cloudstreet?

Voting Day

It’s kinda ironic, that sometimes a couple of votes is all it takes between one candidate and the next, but it really doesn’t feel like your vote does anything, especially if you are in a safe seat that is super unlikely to ever change. Politics is a tough game and it is really hard to get the balance right. Maybe one day someone will create the perfect political landscape, probably not though. OMG, he is thinking of selling the place. Don’t Sam, it is too amazing now. I guess this is the same Aboriginal that Quick was seeing a lot, hopefully he can talk some sense into Sam. Places are important, land is important, you can’t just go and throw it all away. People haven’t had a sense of identity and a sense of self for a long time, maybe it is time we get a sense of community back and remove all the barriers, and actually get happy for once. Who cares about the economy and working, if it doesn’t make you happy. We cannot say that this lifestyle is working, just look at ourselves, we are fatter and lazier and unhappier than ever, something has got to change!

Gift Horse

Magpies are evil, just saying, worse birds ever. Don’t know about the rest of the world, but magpies cause a lot of trouble, and are so annoying with their swooping, would not be sorry to miss them if I left Australia.

Too true, Dolly! They shouldn’t be selling their gift, they’ve been there 20 years, and gone through so much, why tear it down? Hopefully this means they won’t sell it now.


By my calculations there are around 3 posts to go until Cloudstreet is all done and dusted. Two more to finish Part 10, and one final one to finish the whole book (a very short ‘epilogue’) and a complete wrap up of the story. A heads up that I will NOT be starting a new book before the end of the year, the next book, will commence probably on the 2nd of January 2012. That does not mean there will be no more posts after Cloudstreet, what they are, you’ll just have to wait and see!



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