Part Ten – Spaces, Soon Stayin and Moon, Sun, Stars

WOW!!!! This is basically THE END of Cloudstreet!!!!! What is going to happen??????? I have no idea.


Ooooooooooh, maybe Rose and Quick won’t leave afterall. Screw their new house, give it to someone else, sell it, whatever! They belong in Cloudstreet with everyone else! Humans are programmed to live with other people, isolation does not go down well with us, that’s why we once lived in tribes. Today with our technology that allows faceless communication 24/7 many of us are beginning to feel isolated, when paradoxically we are more ‘connected’ than ever. It’s so strange that with facebook and twitter, we now basically know every detail of somebody’s life, celebrity or not, and yet we hardly even know the person. Things that people share online, don’t really give you a perfect picture of what the person is like, hell, even talking and being with a person can sometimes give you the wrong impression of someone (especially if they are good actors). If human kind is going to continue, we need to return to community and family and actually physically interact with people. Families are breaking down in record numbers, probably because of the lack of time spent with one another, and when you are all together you are either fighting, doing other things or not giving attention to everyone. We all seem to have busy lives, but for what purpose if we are all lonely and unhappy?

Enough opinion, back to the story. I forget why do they call him Quick, was it ever revealed, or have I (most likely) forgotten, I mean it was like 2 months ago I began this book. Just saying that parts, like the end of this ‘chapter’ are interesting ideas, and good ‘images’ from Tim Winton, but I never really understand their symbolism and significance. I am afterall, not an English teacher, who somehow seem to get more meaning out of a book than the author themselves!


Again with the strange poetic, symbolic stuff. But, is it like this often repeated ‘water’ that is talking. Will Fish ‘become a man’ when he connects back with the water. Does this mean he will become ‘whole’ again, and not be ‘different’ or something else. Sometimes it is nice to get straightforward questions and answers, sure I like to have to think about it a bit, but sometimes I have no idea what Tim Winton is on about. Which reminds me of another one of his books The Riders, jeez was that hard to understand the meaning of. So many unanswered questions, and kinda like Cloudstreet strange things that to me, have no meaning or significance. I was not really a fan of that book, the beginning was great and the adventure that followed was quite interesting, but the ending, left me more confused than ever. But I do suggest you read it, and tell me what you think about it.


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are having THE picnic that we opened with!!!!!!!!!! OMG, my level of excitement is indescribable! LOL I love how Rose says that ‘a session of parliament’ is longer than a Test Match of cricket which is 5 whole days!

Moon, Sun, Stars (Actually didn’t expect this new ‘chapter’, I thought Stayin was going to be the last one, but oh well, I guess this post is going to be a long one!)

WOAH! That wraps everything up nicely doesn’t it. Hard to say if it is ‘happy’ ending or more a ‘sad’ ending. Cause sure it is sad, Fish died. But it seems like, Fish was happy in the end. He was whole, and complete, and he was Fish Lamb for a fraction of a second. So does this mean that Fish was narrating the whole time? Kinda sounds like it. But I think I’ll leave future discussion for the next, and FINAL Cloudstreet post which will be up TOMORROW! (Though I must admit, I will be writing it right after this! Can’t stop now!) Nearly forgot to mention the fact that it even mentions the killer again. It really does sum up and tie up all the loose ends of the book nicely doesn’t it. The world is a cruel place if the killer can’t be buried next to his son that drowned. Tim Winton certainly liked to go back and make sure everyone’s story is complete, didn’t he.


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