The End of Cloudstreet – The final words, and my thoughts

Well, this is it! The ultimate (original meaning of the last, though hopefully the more modern meaning of ultimate too) post of Cloudstreet! The culmination nearly 60 posts and 2 months of reading.

There is no title for the last words, like the beginning, but let’s read on.

Oh my! THAT WAS AMAZING! What a fitting end to the story. Oriel is moving back inside and folding up the tent. Obvious symbolism here! And then Dolly walks over and helps her, and it mentions the fact that there is no fence! Obvious symbolism here again! The families are no longer divided, they are now one. Was it Fish’s death that caused this to happen, or more the culmination of events, probably the latter, but there is no more text, so you can think what you want. That’s the end and there is no more, but there really shouldn’t be anymore, that was a superb ending.

Now what did I think of the book overall. Well, I really did love it! It’s unlike anything I’ve read before, and was really well written and interesting. Tim Winton is a really good writer and I understand, truly, why this is ‘critically acclaimed’ and whatnot. To say it was my ‘favourite’ book ever, is impossible! Why? Because I don’t have a favourite or even favourites really. I am just too indecisive to actually make a decision and say this is my favourite. How can you have a favourite when every book is different, and some are from different genres and by different authors who all have different styles. How can you weigh up everything and just plainly say that is my favourite. I love lots of books, which could be called ‘favourites’. I have surprisingly, read predominately books that I have enjoyed, I have never really encountered (or so I remember) a book that I truly hated at the time. I may have disliked parts of it, like The Riders but other than that, I haven’t had a bad experience with a book, which may be rare, or it may not. So I cannot rank Cloudstreet, certainly not in a numerical form (the number of 5/5’s I have given on is amazing) and I probably am not the harshest of critics, and have a pretty open mind and would never stop reading a book in the middle, no matter what (by my choosing, I remember a couple, but I either forgot what book it was or was busy so they don’t count. And I may come to eat my own words one day, when I encounter such a book). But I would honestly have to say, to read this book. Truth be told, I would tell you to read any book, even if it was bad, so you could make up your own mind. But Cloudstreet was good, better than good. Sure some parts make you go ‘What?’ but you do get used to them, or at least they don’t detract from the value of reading, though it would be interesting to note if someone who completely understood these strange ‘image’ sections had a different idea of the story than someone who didn’t (like me!).

This is the first book I read that I really reviewed and certainly the first I have blogged about. Sure I’ve done reviews and essays on books and whatnot in school, but nothing to this level of detail (it would be nice for wordpress to give me a total word count, that would be interesting, I wonder how many words it would be… {I think around 30,000+ words from a quick estimation from copying and pasting into word}). Which means that I will certainly remember my experience of reading Cloudstreet and I will always be able to look back at my 58 (Or maybe it was 57) posts on Cloudstreet. Maybe one day in the future, I will read it and think what the hell was I thinking or that is the most stupid thing I have ever said or that is the worst post ever (I will almost certainly think one of these things later down the track) but it has been immense fun and has been extremely interesting. Currently, I don’t believe anyone has read my Cloudstreet posts (yes bring out the world’s smallest violin for Daniel) but I really don’t care, maybe one person will read it eventually, or not. Blogging, is pretty ‘selfish’ because it really is about ‘me’, but it would be nice to have a community in my blog, but maybe one day!

All things said, I have to say, that I did say, AGES ago, that it was Fish who would jump in the water, and that I thought he would die. Just saying! Did anyone else figure this out early, like me, and was so obvious that this does not warrant any celebration, or was it not obvious, in which I can gloat?But now I wonder about the 3-part miniseries that was recently filmed, and I cannot wait to one day see this. And I must say, that on my nearly ritualistic (I do this with nearly every book now) internet search of the book, I stumbled onto the trailer of the miniseries. And I want to see it right NOW! But I already noticed a mistake, it says 10 years instead of 20 for the period of time when they cannot sell, just saying. And the house is not what I imagine, but this is with every book to movie franchise isn’t it. WOAH they even include the living breathing house, bit! {I’ve decided to include the trailer, I forgot that I could do this}


Now tomorrow, will have some sort of post, we’ll see what it is on, but the next book will begin next year (as previously mentioned) and another clue is that it is again an Australian author (no this is not just a blog about Australian authors it just happens that way)!


7 thoughts on “The End of Cloudstreet – The final words, and my thoughts

  1. I’m soooo glad you enjoyed it! It IS my favourite book of all time (and I read a lot!), but then again I have an incredibly personal and intimate attachment to the place, as I used to live in Perth, by the river where it is set.
    I have read so many reviews by people who hate this book and my simple explanation for that is ‘they don’t understand it’.

    Also, where are you from? Because if you weren’t expecting the house to look like that, then, well…all the really old houses in Perth look like that 😛 hehe.

    Thank you for making my day with this review! Also, the tv series has just been on Sky Atlantic over here in the UK, and you can buy it on DVD on Amazon from 27th February 🙂 it was a really incredible series and they definitely did it justice, but like you say, there are obvious things that are different, and they missed out the entire Quick and Rose living in a different house/area, and Nedlands Monster, section, which annoyed me a bit.


    1. It really annoys me when people just say I don’t like it, when really they just don’t understand it because they couldn’t be bothered taking the time to actually read the book and think about it. I do understand that they don’t like it because you have to think about it, when all they want is the book to do all the work for them, I read The Riders also by Tim Winton, but didn’t really love it, because the ending was quite confusing for me, but I didn’t really take the time to read it all, I think Tim Winton writes some amazing stuff but it can be hard to get into because he doesn’t tell you everything, which is actually a really good quality in a writer.

      Well I am from South Australia, but I live in a new area that does have old buildings, but my picture of the house was actually bigger and I think I saw it as more of a yellowy colour, not the blue that is shown in the tv series, I mean I knew it was an old looking building, just I had a different picture, which happens a lot when a book goes to movie/tv, as everyone does have a different mental image of things.

      I still haven’t had a chance to watch them, as I have to find it first, I think it will actually be at the local video store, but I just have to find the time to get over there and rent it, otherwise I’ll have to look out for it in the shops, I don’t know if it is out in Australia already, cause it was on Foxtel quite a while ago.

      Thankyou so much for the comment, it really made my day, I was so excited when I saw I had a comment, and a reasonable sized one at that, as well as some views! It really makes blogging worthwhile, being able to think that someone out there reads it and appreciates it, so thankyou!

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