Short Story #5 – A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor

 A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor

This is NOT Good Country People for some reason the link was incorrectso this is its replacement by the same author and published in the same collection of short stories.  A Good Man Is Hard to Find was written in 1953, we are getting more and more recent (somehow).

That is certainly a tactic, try and scare your children with a newspaper article outlining a criminal on the loose so you don’t have to go anywhere. It is a good point, why can’t the old grandma stay at home, if she doesn’t want to go?

Ha, the grandma is the first in the car, ready to go, of course! Interesting that we are told exactly when they left and what the mileage on the car is. The grandma did this for her own interest, but why include it, unless it is important? I wonder if this grandmother has ever driven herself, or is she just one of those people without a license that think they know everything about driving? Racist old granny! I swear nearly all old people are racist and xenophobic, as I’ve said before people don’t change all that quickly! Old people always think that the olden days were better, not sure if they are right or wrong, a bit of both really. ‘More respect for their native state’ I’m sorry but who cares where you were born, it’s not like you had any choice in the matter, it’s a state, get over it!

Shouldn’t the baby be in a capsule or baby harness thing, not on your lap, it’s quite unsafe! Respect for the grandmother increased! You should NEVER throw rubbish outside your car, especially cigarette butts (if you so happen to even think about smoking, terrible!). Oh to think of the money you would have now, if you bought shares early in Apple or Coca-cola or Microsoft or a bank or a mining company, when they were so cheap, now you would be so rich (though money isn’t everything).

Children can certainly be very blunt sometimes! Some children, especially these days, need to learn their manners, and learn to be grateful with what they have got. People starve and die from poor water, and in ‘First World Countries’ kids have tantrums because they don’t have an iPod or iPad or some new toy or even because their parents refuse to buy them some chocolate (or whatever) it is ridiculous!! It certainly would be nice to live in a time where crime didn’t exist, and you could walk the streets at night safely even if you were a small child or a woman! Of course LET”S BLAME EUROPE, what a stupid thing for a xenophobic American racist, to say!

Secret panel, hey, filled with silver, hey! Well I don’t care too much about the money, I just love the idea of secret passages and cupboards and even secret rooms or doors. I want firstly to live in a house that has such things, but secondly it would be even better to find a house to explore that had secret passageways, etc (if anyone knows of one, I’d like to know about it)!!! You can’t just go into someone else’s house though, and try to explore, especially if you were to find money or gold, etc, they would sue you so badly.

OMG they rolled over, because of the cat the grandmother bought. He is going to be furious!!! Also awkward, the house didn’t even exist, it was in the wrong state! Bailey might kill her! That isn’t spooky or ominous or anything, a hearse is going to save them! Oh dear, they have guns!!! (But in America aren’t guns everywhere!!!) Oh of course, he is the criminal, the misfit, and of course the granny has to tell him that she recognises him. That is the worst thing to do, if it is a criminal, try not to tell them you know that they are a criminal, they may just kill you! It would have been better if she had just shut her mouth! “Nobody realises what this is.” Uh sorry, what exactly. Is he saying that this is worse than what they think, that the misfit will kill them all, or that he himself has a gun, what exactly? Those folks they met, are dead aren’t they? Then the granny offers one of her sons shirts for the bandit, is she senile or something?

THEY SHOT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They killed Bailey and the boys!!!!!!!!! Are you serious!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, the idea that ‘Jesus’ would actually help someone that has killed, (or anyone truth be told) is absurd to me. I love it when religious people justify anything because of their religion, Muslims, Christians, Catholics, whoever, “God will forgive me!” blah, blah, blah. Sorry, that makes no sense. Any god would not allow the murder of ANYONE no matter what religion, and all the other crap religions put upon each other and ‘atheists’ is completely insane. Why can’t people believe that I have my believes and you have yours, and that person has his, and none of us are any better, or at all ‘right’! Religion seems to bring out the worst in some people, when it hopes to bring out the best!

Um, just a little thought. This grandmother seems to be the only one that is pleading and trying to bribe for her life, I don’t know what happened in the forest with the rest, but everyone isn’t putting up a fight. Everyone went quite quietly to their death and she cannot. It’s kinda ignorant to say that old people shouldn’t fear death because they are old and have had a good life and are closer to death than most of us, and it’s hard to justify killing an old person over a young one, just because they have lived longer. But, in my eyes, if you haven’t found peace and willingness towards death and life, when you are old, you probably won’t ever find it. It’s controversial, but young people, especially children, are worth more (only a little but enough) than older people, everyone probably thinks this, but wouldn’t readily admit this! Why exactly would the misfit, just want your money, he isn’t killing for that, you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (largely because of the granny, but that is harsh) and he can’t have live witnesses. Um also, if this woman is so religious and loves God a lot, wouldn’t she (ignorance again) embrace death, and the chance of going up ‘into Heaven’? Just saying that this confuses me sometimes, and makes me think that these people seem to have doubts about ‘the after-life’ because they don’t want to leave this life. Heaven is supposed to be amazing, why not embrace going there, if you believe in God so much, or maybe it is just because they are afraid that they will be sent to Hell!

Was the granny suggesting that the misfit was actually her son? Or using some metaphor, or something? She tried to reach out, but instead she was given three bullet holes. Then the bandit and others are so casual and nonchalant about everything, it surprises me how people can be like that after murder or other heinous crimes. Are they just pure evil. Have they ‘no soul’ or ‘no heart’? Are they psychopaths? Murder and rape (and alike) are unjustifiable, and yet people seem to get away with it frequently, and still commit it. Humanity is so strange.

Quite an interesting story. Full of foreshadowing, the granny mentions the bandit from the beginning, and it ends with the bandit murdering them all. It is interesting how ‘life’ plays out sometimes, and how easy it is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (and conversely at the right place at the right time), it certainly makes you think about fate and chance and luck and destiny.

Tomorrow’s review will be on Ring Lardner’s Haircut I wonder if this one will be slightly less bleak? Though short stories about murder and death and crime and ‘bad stuff’ are much more interesting and easier to write!


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