Short Story #7 – A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by Ernest Hemingway

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

Ernest Hemingway sounds familiar, and I have no idea why, anyone have any ideas? Cause looking through his works, I can’t see anything familiar.

The old man tried to commit suicide, because he was in despair over what? It couldn’t be nothing and just because he has money, means nothing. And who is this guard? You shouldn’t never, EVER, say that someone should or should have committed suicide. EVER! No one should ever take their own lives, life gets better, whatever is happening now, the future won’t be the same, but if you take your life you will never know what the future will have in store!

Good thing that man is deaf, how rude to say to a man that they should have killed themselves, disgusting and vile! And they are worrying because he is making them stay later and later. It’s your job and if a customer wants to have a drink (providing it is still legal) then you still have work to do. Won’t he get paid until he whenever the place closes. It’s your job and you decided to work there, so you have to live with the consequences. Sometimes age does provide wisdom, that youth lack. The older waiter is right, you don’t close until you are supposed to, you never know when someone wants to come into your shop. That ending confuses me greatly. Was he speaking another language, or was there some sort of incorrect transcription? It looked like he was speaking gibberish.

It was quite a short tale, and one that was not all that interesting to be honest. It certainly in my opinion isn’t all that great. I’m sure some people could find deep meaning and enjoyment with the story, but for me, it didn’t do anything for me. Just look at the length of this post, nearly half that of any other short story, sure it was a little shorter than most, but still I usually have more to say and with this one I do not.

Tomorrow’s short story is  Franz Kafka’s A Hunger Artist


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