The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I have returned from my holiday to New Zealand, which is an amazing place so green and pristine, a place that everyone should get a chance to see! I must say welcome to 2012 and I hope that your holiday/Christmas/whatever was relaxing and well worth it and I wish you all the best for the coming year.

Now, onto the first post of 2012! The new book that I am going to review is, as previously mentioned, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Now this book is probably more well known than Cloudstreet, as even on the cover it says “The Extraordinary #1 International Bestseller” and also I know that the site “Mark Reads” (a link is somewhere on the page) has reviewed it, though I have not read one word of his reviews. I have to admit that I know Markus Zusak is a literary genius and is an amazing author! I have read one of his other books, The Messenger and I must say that it is amazing and Zusak is a magician with words, there has and probably will never be books like his again! You might think that this is hyperbole but I assure you it is not, everyone else that I know who has read one of his works absolutely loved it, I will look forward to hearing if this is the case for you when you either read along with me reading The Book Thief or if you so choose to read The Messenger and I implore you to read one of his books, no matter how much you hate reading! I have another confession, I have actually read The Book Thief before, which makes this a re-read. However, I actually struggle to recall the events that happened within the covers, it was some time ago since I last read it (for the first and only time). So this means that there is still a spoiler alert, and spoilers are not tolerated. I may of course, remember bits and pieces as I read on, but I will try not to add any spoilers to my own post. The reason I chose to review The Book Thief is because like The Messenger it is amazing and everyone needs to read it, and I’ll take any excuse for a re-read of such a great book!

There are multiple covers for The Book Thief and all of them are amazing

I have a copy of the middle cover

The blurb is enthralling and I cannot wait to enter into his world. We are in the middle of World War 2 and Death has never been busier. A girl called Liesel picks up The Gravedigger’s Handbook whilst visiting her brother’s graveside. Now I will not reveal what I know about the book, because I’m sure it will be soon revealed in the beginning pages, but I’ll let you discover it for yourself and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have done in the past and will surely do again.

The format for my posts, will be largely similar to Cloudstreet because as you will soon find out, the structure is quite similar with long ‘parts’ and short ‘chapters’. I have no idea how long this will take me, it is nearly 600 pages, whilst Cloudstreet was nearer to 400, however I do believe that the ‘chapters’ are longer and fewer in The Book Thief so we shall see!


2 thoughts on “The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

  1. I am enjoying this book a lot. I’m not very far in but I can already see how it’s so popular. Indeed,its appeal is so broad my grandmother was aware of it and was happy to hear I was reading it.
    (but then she likes to keep up on books and declared The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy a must-read masterpiece when she discovered it and made her husband, sister, and 3 sons read it by giving a copy for everyone at Christmas.
    HUSBAND: Did not appear to enjoy it, but polite.
    SISTER: Loved the way it started, hilarious and dramatic (“Our poor planet!”) but then she quit reading after it kept going on and on.
    SON #3: Loved it and wanted to read the other books.
    SON #2: Highly critical of it.
    SON #1: Hadn’t read it. His mother insisted he get that rectified.
    Sorry, that was off point! Lol. But I’m glad you and Mark read it, as well. I don’t want there to be any influence in what I write, but I will enjoy reading every word of yours and Mark’s readthroughs when I am done.

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