The Book Thief – Part One – The Gravedigger’s Handbook – Arrival on Himmel Street

Part One – The Gravedigger’s Handbook

Just two quick questions. Firstly what is saumensching? And secondly what is watschens? Maybe we will find out soon.

Arrival on Himmel Street

So now we travel back in time to what I believe is the first time Death saw the book thief, by her dead brother’s side.

A Spectacularly Tragic Moment

“A train was moving quickly. It was packed with humans. A six-year-old boy died in the third carriage.”

A young life was lost and it is tragic. But when an ‘old person’ dies, it is not usually referred to as ‘tragic’. I find it interesting that we ‘believe’ that the older the person is (basically) the less their lives are worth. Now obviously there are some good reasons for this. An older person has lived longer and has experienced many of life’s pleasures and is a lot closer to death than a younger person (going by life expectancy). The young child or young adult has only just begun to experience life and make their own mark on the world. This all makes perfect sense and most of us know that if the situation arose and two lives were in our hands, we would ultimately choose to save a child over an old person, because who knows this child may grow up and cure cancer or solve global warming or become the president/prime minster (though they could just grow up and become like Hitler, who knows). But its not like old people ‘deserve’ to die, no one does. When old people die, it should still be seen as ‘tragic’ and their life should be valued in the same way a child’s life would be, because all life is equal and everybody is equal. No one ‘deserves’ to die and no one has the ‘right’ to choose who lives and who dies. Older people have just as much value as a young person, their experience and knowledge need to be passed on.

Unfortunately this is all I have time for, so the chapter will be complete tomorrow, I hope a few of my views were entertaining and intriguing enough probably not but nevertheless, Arrival on Himmel Street will be completed tomorrow. Sorry!!


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