The Book Thief – Part One – The Woman With The Iron Fist

The Woman With The Iron Fist

Dreams are so interesting, they provide a window to a strange other world, and can help people come up with ideas (sometimes good and sometimes bad *cough TWILIGHT cough*) and provide closure to traumatic events. But nightmares, all they really do is torture us, making closure seem impossible, but eventually the nightmares will end and you can get back on with your life. Hans is an amazing man, he is there to comfort her during her worst nightmares, it’s a good thing that Liesel has Hans.

A Definition Not Found In The Dictionary

Not-leaving: An act of trust and love, often deciphered by children.

I’d say that that definition is not found in any dictionary. So Hans says with her until she falls asleep and then goes to the chair and falls asleep in that, instead of using the other bed, amazing man, I don’t think many people would do that, most parents just get mad at their children. The accordion is one of those instruments, like the violin, that for a long time sounds terrible (whilst you are learning) but once you are more experienced can sound purely amazing. I think more people should learn instruments and then pass on their knowledge to their children, learning an instrument can be stressful sometimes and frustrating but it is well worth the trouble.

I think we have a lot of things in our lives where they are completely useless but because of their symbolic purpose we keep it around. Maybe it was handed down from a dead relative, maybe it was a gift from an ex or maybe it was connected to a difficult or joyous time in your life. These things tend to mean nothing to someone else, but to us, they are very special.

The Book’s Meaning

1. The last time she saw her brother.

2. The last time she saw her mother.

I wonder why the Hubermanns decided to become foster parents. They already had two children who were all grown up. Was it for money? Or were they lonely in their house? Or had they done it whilst they had kids of their own? I bet school would have been a blast for Liesel. Her religion was different, only slightly, but still different (but to be honest I see no real difference, they are practically all the same, but to a religious person they are vastly different) and she couldn’t read or write. Had she never gone to school before? And now she was humiliated by being put with young children. And then her ‘parents’ can’t really help because they themselves aren’t too educated and Liesel can’t really practice the alphabet or read a book (hers is private) so how was she expected to learn?

I personally think that an old, battered present that is ‘the best they could do’ is better than today’s iPad, iPod, computer, car and everything else ever made obsession with gifts. Children these days are so greedy and spoilt that I’m sure most of them won’t grow up to be normal, well behaved adults. They’ll expect everything and will be so lazy and will take everything for granted and no this isn’t somebody coming from an ‘older’ generation. Maybe all these spoilt brats will just die because of all the crap that they eat.

And now that Liesel is 10, she has to enroll in Hitler Youth. How fun!

Explantation of the Abbreviation (BDM)

It stood for Bund Deutscher Mädchen – United German Girls.

To be honest, I don’t support Hitler’s ideas, but the idea of BDM essentially (removing all the Hitler/Nazi stuff) is not that bad, going on hikes, marching, using bandages, sewing, most of it sounds like things people SHOULD learn, or something similar to Girl Guides or Scouts.

I think Rosa is very passionate in her views and loves to argue, for no reason! She complains about the rich people for being too lazy to wash their own clothes and all their other rich world problems, when she depends on their laziness to have a job, and she knows this and yet she complains! And now she sends Liesel up to the mayor’s house to deal with a ‘crazy’ wife (the mayor sounds like a nasty piece of work, not lighting a fire to warm the house!). But I think the mayor’s wife will be one to watch!

Well that certainly is interesting, let’s spit on the door of an ‘enemy’, good work Frau Holtzapfel. And funnily enough no one knew the origin of the ‘feud’ probably not even themselves. It is interesting how these things start and escalate, but then we forget why we were fighting in the first place, and sometimes you don’t even hate the person anymore because you are now connected by your ‘feud’. People are so weird! BAHAHA! “One thing I’ve noticed about the Germans: They seem very fond of pigs.” That they do, according to all this talk about swine.

A Small Question and its Answer

And who do you think was made to clean the spit off the door each night? Yes – you got it.

Of course it is Liesel who has to clean the spit off, though it surely can’t be that big a job, but at least she goes outside and can look at the stars, which are so amazing!



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