The Book Thief – Part One – The Other Side Of Sandpaper and The Smell of Friendship

The Other Side Of Sandpaper

I think that that is a very interesting title for a chapter. I wonder is it the rough side or the other side (smooth) that he would be referring to, presumably the other, non rough side.

Hmmm… do we all have defining moments from when we were children? Maybe we do, but to some they aren’t so pivotal. That would be so hard to try and pretend to support something when in reality you don’t, but you have to or else you and your family will literally die, not very fun times.

Some Crunched Numbers

Since, 1933, ninety per cent of Germans showed unflinching support for Adolf Hitler. That leaves ten per cent who didn’t. Hans Hubermann belonged to the ten per cent. There was a reason for that.

90% that is certainly a high approval rating, but I guess some of the more ‘controversial’ measures and policies weren’t made public in Germany. I’m guessing we will find out that reason shortly. Bed-wetting. Something I’m sure every child has done at least once, some more than others, but every time, it would be just as embarrassing, especially the older you were. It is the first time Liesel knows what the book is called, I wonder if we will hear some more of its contents.

A Two AM Conversation

‘Is this yours?’

‘Yes, Papa.’

‘Do you want to read it?’

Again, ‘Yes, Papa.’

A tired smile. Metallic eyes, melting. ‘Well we’d better read it then.’

Hans is a great parent, I bet if Rosa found out there would just be a whole lot of shouting and a whole lot of expletives. Not only that, Hans is humorous too. A great example of a father, with all the information that we have been given.

So Hans realises that the book is a little too complex, and that they had best start off with something a tad easier, the alphabet. Ahaha, ‘S’ is indeed for ‘Saumensch’.

A typical Hans Hubermann Artwork

(insert picture here)

He is by no means an artist, but there is no reason why this won’t suffice. But I have to say that he is certainly smart and charming, “With a smile like that you don’t need eyes.”


The Smell of Friendship

OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!! Hans is challenging Rosa, he is standing up for himself and not letting her be the boss, at least for this time. But Hans is clever, and knows that to get his way, he has to do something for her, and that is, to take the washing for her.

Papa’s Face

It travelled and wondered, but it disclosed no answers. Not yet.

Music can tell a story, and from the sounds of it, Hans’s music did just that. Teaching someone something, can be extremely frustrating, especially when progress is slow. I couldn’t never be a teacher, I’d expect them to learn way too quickly and would not be pleased if anyone was below my standards. I think Hans pushed his luck a little, he asked Rosa to shut her mouth, I’m sure what followed was some of the worst words ever to spew from her mouth. But Liesel is learning and that is the main thing, everyone needs to be educated!



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