The Book Thief – Part Two – The Town Walker

The Town Walker

Oh no, people are starting to cut back on their expenses and Rosa’s washing is one of them, people can’t afford to get someone to wash their clothes, which means Rosa is going to lose customers, fast! And then she is going to get really angry and they are going to be even poorer and Liesel will never get any more books ever again! This is not good news! And now Rosa is making Liesel do like everything, she has to deliver the washing instead of playing and having fun, I hope Rudy decides to come with her a couple of times, but I guess exploring the town on your own would be fun. I personally love just wandering around and finding new places and just walking past houses and looking at them and thinking that is a cool house, I want to live there, and wow they would have an amazing view. So being able to explore is nice too. And Rosa is quite cunning, to make sure the rest of her customers don’t follow suit, use guilt to make them stay, very clever!

I have a point to bring up, is there a mistake when Ernest Vogel calls out ‘I’m sorry, Frau Hubermann!’ isn’t her name Rosa? And isn’t Frau HERMANN, the mayor’s wife and what about Frau DILLER the corner store lady? So I think they made a mistake, what do you think?

Sister Maria’s Offer

‘Do you feel like visiting the corridor, Mr Steiner?’

Was Sister Maria’s objection to Rudy’s letter, the fact he used ‘saumensch’ or just because it was a little ‘rude’ but he was just being friendly. And also I do not like how they say MR Steiner and MS Hubermann, etc, or at least she did in this case, I would hate that, it feels so impersonal, sure it was different times, but when you learn you don’t want to feel like you are just a student you want to connect to the teacher.

Just saying that Frau is clearly a common name, Frau HEINRICH! I am surprised, Frau Heinrich actually visited Liesel! I wonder if her mother is still alive, it is a sad thought, but it is possible her mother is dead. But I think Liesel writing to her is the perfect thing. Umm. OH DEAR! “Who knows what they’ve done to her?” That doesn’t sound good! Maybe death is the better option than whatever this is. Who is the ‘they’ is it the Nazi’s? Was her mother a democrat, freedom fighter, Jew? Liesel is now going to be tortured by these questions, and I want to know as well, what are they talking about? Must find out more!


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