The Book Thief – Part Two – Dead Letters

Dead Letters

I really should have included this chapter in yesterday’s post, because it isn’t all that long, and the one after this looks substantial and by my guess has important stuff in it and might require a lot of time and space, so this may (or may not, I might just ramble on a lot) be a short-ish post, we’ll see.

Wait what we are already in 1943, that certianly is a ‘flash foward’, time certinaly seems to jump from place to place (or should that be time to time) which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if it gets overused you start to get confused and think wait what is going on, well that happens with other books/tv shows/movies but possibly not with this, but we shall see.

Obviously Liesel’s letter never got a reply which probably made Liesel upset and things went downhill from there, but at least Hans was kind enough to consider forging a letter, but I understand it would be quite hard to do that, especially considering you would be lying to Liesel and giving her false hope. It would be heartbreaking to see Liesel constantly checking the letterbox to see if the letter had come, and for you to always know that a letter would never come. And then another one of the ironing/washing customers stops getting their clothes washed, even though it was Liesel who still collected the washing. They were clever and just sent a letter with Leisel back for Rosa, but I bet that was not a very nice time delivering that letter.

Liesel has now written five letters to her mother but only sent one, it just continues to get sadder doesn’t it, she still has hope and soon that will be crushed. And her birthday came and went and there was no present and Rosa actually was smart and said that she should of gotten one book at Christmas and one on her birthday, despite all her misgivings she is still a smart woman. And then she goes off and posts all her letters and actually steals some of the laundry money to buy a stamp, even though she knows she will be beated by Rosa, the sadness just doesn’t stop in this chapter does it?

Then Liesel realises that her mother will never write back and even Rosa apologieses and cries herself, more sadness. I wonder if this book will even have a happy ending, because I have no recollection of what actually happens, I only remember reading something once I’ve read it, and I think that sounds familiar but I haven’t really remembered anything in great detail, which is good for the purposes of this blog, but I really just want to know what happens!



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