The Book Thief – Part Two – Hitler’s Birthday, 1940

Hitler’s Birthday, 1940

Well Liesel is certainly persistent, but I wonder how bad her reaction will be once she has lost all hope. But there are bigger issues looming, Hitler’s birthday. And the Nazis have ‘requested’ that all materials from World War One (I’m not sure if it is just from then or if it includes afterwards also) and any foreign propaganda be brought to a party office so it can be burned in ‘celebration of Hitler’s birthday. Which is an interesting way to truly cover up the motives of destroying all propaganda and anti-Nazi/Germany materials, sure it is pretty obvious, but it isn’t like they are saying we are burning all of this stuff to make sure we have your full support and you feel like we are doing the right thing, we which are obviously not.

But this book burning provides opportunity for Liesel to snatch her second book, if she is extremely lucky and careful, just imagine the punishment for being caught stealing propaganda, I don’t want to imagine. They certainly would take you away if you didn’t have your flag up, it would be treason, again the punishment would probably be severe. I guess his birthday is a public holiday, of the mandatory kind. Both of Hans and Rosa’s children are nearly identical images of themselves, but their attitudes and personalities are vastly different, for the former, the son is cold, and for the latter she is mild.

A Short History of Hans Hubermann vs His Son

In the opinion of Hans Junior, his father was part of an old, decrepit Germany – one that allowed everyone else to take it for the proverbial ride while its own people suffered. Growing up, he was aware that his father had been called ‘der Juden Maler’ – the Jew painter – for painting Jewish houses. Then came an incident that I’ll present to you soon enough – the day Hans blew it, on the verge of joining the Party. Everyone knew you weren’t supposed to paint over slurs written on a Jewish shop front. Such behaviour was bad for Germany, and it was bad for the transgressor.

Sure a country has to be strong and you have to support your own people and make sure that they aren’t suffering but they were paying a price for the previous war, in fact it was an enormous price one that they only recently paid off (if I remember correctly) and one that probably was too harsh and again if I remember correctly, it was the Americans who thought a harsh penalty was required. And this was one of the main reasons World War Two began, which is utter stupidity as all wars are. But people are oddly fond of little lines drawn on maps, the placement of those lines means so much to people.

I’m surprised they haven’t forced Hans to be a member or ‘taken him away’ because he wasn’t. I’m sorry but ‘You’ve never cared about this country, not enough, anyway.’ But are countries all that important, do we have to be in love with the country, do our borders even matter in today’s ‘global community’? I bet these will be some of the tough questions we will have to look at over the coming decades.

‘You’re either for the Führer or against him…’ I have to disagree, sometimes you really can be in the middle or just not care and just because you aren’t for him, doesn’t mean you are against him. And the young, ignorant , revolutionary son, just can’t understand the older generation who is wiser and whose advice you should listen to. Parents have such a hard time, sometimes, and in this instance it leads to the son walking out, never to be heard from again.

Some Facts About Stalingrad

1. IN 1942 and early ’43, in that city, the sky was bleached bed-sheet white each morning.

2. All day long, as I carried the souls across it, that sheet was splashed with blood, until it was full and bulging to the earth.

3. In the evening, it would be wrung out and bleached again, ready for the next dawn.

4. And that was when the fighting was only during the day.

World War Two, was really the last war that was fought in the more ‘traditional’ way, with trenches and primitive bombs and guns, compared to today, and I would hate to think how a world war would be fought today, probably just countries blasting each other to smithereens with nuclear bombs, not something to look forward to, so lets hope it doesn’t happen.

Liesel was being a tad inconsiderate there, asking Papa questions when clearly he was emotionally disturbed, it is not ideal to press someone when they are upset, especially on that subject. Maybe it was just her being a bit juvenility ignorant, but I thought it was uncalled for. Now onwards to the book stealing!


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