The Book Thief – Part Two – 100% Pure German Sweat

100% Pure German Sweat

Of course Liesel is going to feel something like pride, and forget some of her problems when you are marching down the road, and everyone in the town is cheering you on, you’d feel like you were apart of something, and everyone approves of you, your life feels validated. I wonder how many kids and adults were there, and if it was the whole town, because I guess not attending would be a crime, and if you didn’t have a very good reason, like you were dying, then you’d be in big trouble. It sounds like this town is quite large, certainly larger than I thought, but maybe people for the surrounding areas came in to the nearest major town to celebrate. There was in excess of 1000 people!

Oh yeah, humans love to see destruction, and in all of us there is some part that loves to see things burn and explode and collapse! “The iron was practically still on it.” Well that is certainly an interesting way of describing how crisp the man’s uniform was, obviously he was extremely proud and proper. When I read the man’s speech, I just keep thinking, blah, blah, blah, just because I think they are all a little crazy, and are bascially telling lies. “A consummate exhibition of passionate shouting” I’m sorry but what! I’ve never heard of something like this before, it sounds completely strange.

Hold on! The Germans are against ‘Kommunisten’, if this means Communism, I thought that Nazism and Communism were like two peas in a pod, I must be wrong. Communism was prevalant in the USSR, so maybe Germany hated them, I don’t know I’m not a super history buff, I just try to pay attention. Well I think Germany didn’t always hate Russia (USSR) but I think things changed, so maybe that was why Communist only just appeared. The idea that a single race is supreme, just confounds me, it is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard of, good thing they were eventually stopped.

I have to say that Death is certainly quite comidical, even if it is more satirical and dark. “…it actually makes me wonder if anyone ever lost an eye or injured a hand or wrist with all of that [Heil Hitlering]” that is a good question, it would be so easy to do because it was quick and strong, the movement that is. 40 million people. 40 million people died during World War Two, either from the war, or the hollocaust and their effects, that is a HUGE number, yeah World War One was totally ‘The War to End All Wars’!

Crowds are actually really dangerous, large groups of people nearly always result in injuries, I guess we tend to get a little to excited and caught up in the moment.



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